First Official LEGO BrickHeadz Pics

The Brick Fan has recently posted the first images for the soon to be released BrickHeadz sets that were originally announced at the San Diego Comicon last year. There are some adorable little models and include characters from both Marvel and DC Universes. I really like the look of these – I think they’ll look fantastic all lined up. More specific details for each set is under the collection of images.
41590: Iron Man (96 pieces)
41597: Robin (101 pieces)
41592: The Hulk (93 pieces)
41588: The Joker (151 pieces)
41586: Batgirl (99 pieces)
41585: Batman (91 pieces)
41591: Black Widow (143 pieces)
41589: Captain America (79 pieces)

No clue on prices yet, but we do know that they’ll be released in February for LEGO VIPs, and to everyone else in March. Also, this looks like series 1 of many, so stay tuned for more.

EDIT: We’ve got prices! AUD$15.99, USD$9.99, UK9.99. That’s not bad at all! 

So, are you a fan? If so, let me know which one your favourite is in the poll below.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the images.