Garma Mecha Man Box Art Revealed

A few days ago I posted about the release of the box artwork for The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets. We still had a couple of images to source, and another has turned up on a site for a toy store from Belgium, Mister Bricks.

70613 Garma Mecha Man

70613: Garma Mecha Man is another mech, piloted by Garmadon, and includes three other minifigures apart from the lead bad guy. There’s Lloyd, Pat, and Great White.

70613 Garma Mecha Man

I think this one looks a little odd, but a shark mech suit isn’t going to be normal looking! I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a hammerhead shark. It does also appear to have a lot of stickers. I’m counting around 26 from these images!

70613 Garma Mecha Man

All we’re waiting for now is an image for the D2C set (that’s Direct to Consumer), and a better image of 70616: Ice Tank.

Credits to Mister Bricks for the images.

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