Goats! Not those Goats… – 76208 The Goat Boat Review

Theme: Marvel Super Heroes
No: 76208
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $89.99 | US $59.99
Pieces: 564 (with eight minifigures)

I’m a big Marvel fan. I’ve grown up (like so many others) on the comics, and I still read them every day now, and I love the movies, although it‘s pretty hard to get to the cinema these days to see them on the big screen! I’ve finally seen Thor: Love and Thunder so it was a good time to take a look at this set too.

There’s five minifigures (Thor, Mighty Thor (Jane Foster), King Valkyrie, Korg and Gorr the God Butcher), two goats (no, not that kind, the brick built kind) and the eponymous vessel. There’s also a lot of stickers. Most I get, but why not have the shields printed? They seem to be an option that would be so versatile in other sets and themes. Also, I’m not a fan of round stickers, mainly because I’m not great at applying them perfectly! Luckily for us, the stickers aren’t the main draw here. With this theme, it’s all about the minifigures, and they’re all high quality.

Super detailed prints and elements like Jane Foster’s winged dual moulded helmet – all the hair elements really – great print quality on all elements. The printing on Thor and Jane look brilliant. Super detailed. I’m really excited to have these two in the collection. Gorr looks good, although to me his eyes seem not quite menacing enough. The rest of the print is good, but I would like to see more printing on him. The legs and arms are blank, which really ruins the impact. Gorr carries All-Black the Necrosword, the first ever symbiote, eerily manifested from the shadow of the god of darkness and creator of the symbiotes – Knull. Gorr’s back printing is, in my opinion, better than the front, although the back of the head either has a small smile or a skin fold that looks like a mouth. It’s… odd.

The last two are fan favourite Korg, and King Valkyrie, King of New Asgard. More excellent and unique printing on both! Korg has a fur collar (seen in the opening scenes of the movie) and that interesting head piece (it’s a first for me actually). Valkyrie’s hair is also brilliant.

The build is a really cool looking Viking longship (one of two we get this year – the other one will be reviewed soon) pulled by Thor’s two mystical goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. The two goats are actually really cool, although they’re not explicitly named a such in the movie. Kind of goofy looking, but still fun and poseable to make it look like they’re flying. The legs are connected to the bars so they rotate in pairs. The faces are printed on curved 1×2 slopes, but the fur on their backs are stickers. They’re also a little thin in the body. They’re not the focus of the build though, so it can be forgiven. The big question is why not include regular goats? That’s because these two are massive. Six foot tall at the shoulders, regular goats (while they’d mean the set sells like crazy), would be too small.

The Goat Boat itself is completely brick built and a lot of fun. It’s pretty big – just over 30cm, and the figureheads look great, with Stormbreaker being able to be added inside. The Asgard Tours reference was a fun addition to the set, given that New Asgard is now a popular tourist destination. The shields look good, also the cabin with the crossed roof sections, and there’s also loads of room for the minifigures on the boat, but that by itself I feel could also be a negative. It’s kind of boring. Without the minifigures, there’s nothing to it.

Inside the cabin there’s a map of New Asgard, a bottle and gem, and a golden staff, plus the classic Marvel red fire extinguisher – seen in every Marvel set! Underneath the hull are the hover engine things too.

I was pleasantly surprised with the size, shape and detail of the Goat Boat, but it was unfortunately a little disappointing at the same time. The big drawcard is the minifigures of course, and I’m really happy with those. 

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