Here are all the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMFs!

It’s the end of a LEGO Ninjago Movie filled week, and now we have the full list of collectible minfigures, with images, thanks to LEGO’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. I gotta say, they look great! These will be released in August 2017, so they’re not far away!

Let’s go through them all one by one. Like The LEGO Batman Movie CMFs, there’s 20 of them.


First up is Cole. He’s one of the more standard looking of the bunch, with new scruffy hair, a singlet and a sound system with an iPod on top. To me, it looks like the speakers are actual plastic mesh, but I’d be very surprised if that was the case.

Also, if you were one of the few LEGO fans that hasn’t been inundated with Ninjago news, you may have missed that there’s actually a language dedicated to the world of Ninjago. According to this Brickset article, and by the looks of Cole’s shirt, he’s a fan of AC/DC!

Flashback Garmadon

Next is the first Garmadon variant of the series, Flashback Garmadon. He;s git a very 70’s suit, complete with large tie and collar, as well as a pair of gold aviators, and a picture of his family home (yep, that’s what the symbols read!) – a nice neighbourhood volcano house.


There’s the standard Garmadon, in the samurai armour, black hat and enormous battleaxe/spear.

Gong & Guitar Rocker

Gong & Guitar Rocker comes next, with a very punk outfit and re-coloured CMF Series 7 Hippie hair. After consulting the Brickset language post, I’ve figured out that the visible letters on his singlet are E-T-A, so I’m guessing that it spells METAL. He’s also got some tattoos printed on his arm.

GPL Tech

GPL Tech is a Batman fan, and I’m guessing works for Garmadon in IT? She’s got very Robin-esque eyes, and has a red mug and laptop.

Jay Walker

Jay Walker, or the Blue Ninja, has the selfie stick, new brown messy hair, and an excellent scarf! I’m hoping to see different colours of these in the future – maybe around Christmas time!

Kai Kendo

Kai Kendo is the Red Ninja, donned in a kendo suit, with helmet and kendo sticks. He’s got some crazy hair, and I’d love to see what his shirt looks like!

Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd (Luhloyd) Garmadon, the Green Ninja is one of the ones I’m most excited about. A green hoodie (with fringe), a blue and white Chinese bowl and spoon looks excellent. These accessories are fantastic!


Not only that, but we get Lloyd in his ninja outfit, complete with sword (with chain at the end), a blueprint for his Green Mech Dragon, and a rather inquisitive look on his face! He’s also got some regular hair. He has NINJA written on his clothes, and I’d love to see what the lettering on the blueprint says!

Master Wu

Master Wu, has his standard white robes and hat on, as well as a great little box of Corn Flakes! I wonder if he’s going for breakfast with Lloyd and Garmadon?


Misako is Lloyd’s mother and Garmadon’s ex-wife. She is wearing a rather fetching outfit of green jacket, white blouse and brown pants, as well as a pair of chopsticks in her great new hair, and a handbag!

N-POP Girl

N-POP Girl looks amazing! She’s got a recoloured Harley Quinn hairpiece, bright pink teddy bear, and an excellent outfit featuring Unikitty and a colourful tutu. This one looks great. I’m guessing that N-POP refers to Ninjago Pop. it must be a popular music genre in Ninjago City.

Shark Army Angler

Shark Army Angler is a bad guy with a hilarious helmet. I love the Shark Army helmet varieties – they’re so clever! His mace looks a little fishy though…

Sorry. I had to do it.

Shark Army General #1

Shark Army General #1 is rather curious. I like the uniform, and the cape and cowl look like they may be made out of malleable plastic, I’m just stumped as to why she has a drink. It’s great to see another variant of this element, I just don’t see the connection.

Shark Army Great White

Shark Army Great White looks like he’s a mean dude. He’s obviously tired – his battery indicator is empty, and I don’t know if he can use his fish flame thingy very well. He’s got scorch marks all over him!

Shark Army Octopus

Shark Army Octopus is wearing my favourite bad guy helmet. he looks fantastic! I think he’s also got what looks to me like diving gear on underneath, as well as a fish and stud shooter.

Spinjitzu Training Nya

Spinjitzu Training Nya has a white training outfit (with NINJA printed on the leg), as well as some wooden katanas. She looks like she means business.

Sushi Chef

Sushi Chef is fantastic! He’s clearly in the middle of preparing some sushi, and has a black and white striped headband wrapped around his bald noggin. He’s armed with a meat cleaver to fend off the sushi eating baddies.

Volcano Garmadon

Volcano Garmadon is the last variant of Garmadon, and this time he’s in his pyjamas, complete with volcano printing. It’s interesting that there seems to be a texture to his upper torso. I’ve never seen these in any Ninjago set before, so it will be interesting to see what that is. It’s also a smaller torso than the bottom one, which is standard sized. He’s also ready for breakfast, with a spoon and different style bowl. Woo!


Lastly, there’s Zane. He’s a Nindroid (ninja android), and has a robotic knitted sweater, and a backpack ready for hiking. He’s much more plain, but has some excellent clothing prints.


These minifigures look great, and introduce so many new accessories. I’m so excited to get my hands on them! What do you think of the collection? Will you be getting these as soon as they are released?

Whew! That’s it for me for a few days, I’ll see you when I’m back from my little pre-baby holiday! During that time I’ll be building something very special for a review in two week’s time – 21309: NASA Apollo Saturn V! If you want to read more about this incredible set, then take a look at the post I wrote a while ago. Until then, happy building!


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