Here’s the next GWP – 40562 Mystic Witch

Not long ago LEGO sent me a copy of the October gift with purchase set – 40562 Mystic Witch, and it’s a beauty! It’ll be around from October 14 to 31st, perfect for all your Halloween goodness.

You’ll need to spend AU $165 / US $100 on LEGO’s online store and if you spend those hard earned pennies between October 14th and 16th, you’ll get the Double VIP Points deal as well.

When I got it in the mail I thought it was a regular set, as it’s a Creator 3-in-1, but it’s definitely a GWP. Weighing in at 257 pieces, it’s a good deal! There’s the eponymous Mystic Witch, plus a cat or a dragon as alternative builds, and it’s chock full of purple elements.


It’s an odd looking cat (being purple), and the legs and head don’t have a great deal of poseability, however there’s enough to tilt the head forward and angle the legs out a little. the hat carries across all three builds. Being an alternate build, it doesn’t have to be as spot on, but it’s a fun one either way.


This one is a beauty. It’s goofy looking, and the green belly is a real eye catcher. Like the other builds there’s not a great deal of detail at the back, but the wings and tiny arms are hilarious. It makes use of the curved plates used in the witch’s arms as a tail to good effect.


The front of the witch is excellent, and the almost tattered dress is wonderful. What’s weird about this one is the hands. They’re way too small. There’s ball joints in the wrists and shoulders, a turntable in the waist and a click hinge in the neck so there’s some limited poseability. It’s a shame the green skin doesn’t translate to the back and sides of the head, but the rest is pretty good. That broom is superb – the only thing I’d suggest is change the colour of the bush to a brown or dark tan, but it’s a great build. The back is exposed undersides of plates which is a shame. It’s also a pity that the pumpkin has little slivers of white showing through.

For a free gift with purchase, it’s well worth getting, regardless of the nitpicking. I’d jump on this one.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.