Iron Builder 5 Round 2 is underway!

The Root King - Legopard (Iron Builder 5 Round 2)Iron Builder 5 Round 2 has begun, and this time the Secret Ingredient is kind of insane. The battle is between the always amazing Legopard, and Pate-keetongu, a mighty warrior from Finland. The Secret Ingredient? DUPLO. Yep, DUPLO. In particular, the grass/fire/ice 1x4x2 element, so it’s much bigger than what we’ve seen previously. I was really interested in seeing what could possibly come from this, so have been watching it very closely. Needless to say, I’ve been blown away with what these two builders have come up with.

I have to admit, I’m not very good at interesting parts usage, so watching this unfold has been really educational. Take the image above, for example. I know the actual sizes of many of these parts, but for some magical reason (read: skill from Legopard), it all looks so tiny. I love the little details of the flower and the mushrooms, the little dam wall, and the light coming from inside the tree trunk.

Check out some more examples below, and follow the action at the Flickr Discussion.

Hospitalised - Pate (Iron Builder 5 Round 2)

This was the first entry from Pate, and the second entry for the round, and it was absolutely inspired. Not only is it one of the cleverest usage examples for a part I’ve ever seen, but the rest of the build is equally as interesting. I’ve only just noticed the patient’s arm on top of the bed!

Riverside Kingdom - Pate (Iron Builder 5 Round 2)

Another from Pate shows of the mastery of microscale, with a perfect riverbank created with the Secret Ingredient. I’m really excited by the different types of trees in this build, and the massive tower is fantastic.

Black Witch - Legopard (Iron Builder 5 Round 2)

Lastly, this entry from Legopard is testament to why these two are included in this round. This is the absolute definition of NPU (Nice Parts Usage), with the secret ingredient making up the perfect side profile of the witch! After seeing this, I am noticing the witch’s profile in all the other builds. The witch’s fingers are also brilliant, using green minifigure arms, and a tyre as the hat. I’m super excited to see what else is on the way.

Are you following the round? Let me know which builder you’re hoping will win!

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