Iron Builder 5.0 Round 1 is all over


It’s all done! Iron Builder 5.0 Round 1 is complete, and there have been some incredible builds using the Nexo Knights shield element as the Secret Ingredient. Here’s two more each from Cecilie Fritzvold and Chris Maddison, with the final result below.
First up, some very clever flags at an auto dealership from Chris. It’s a shame they’re not colourful, but it does the job splendidly, and check out those adorable cars!
Cecilie fought back with this brilliant Ice Rover, which made me feel all nostalgic! I love the tyre tracks, but I’m a bit more wary of penguins now.
Chris’ final build is this gorgeous typewriter. It’s not easy to find where the shields are, but they’re there, and used in such a clever way! I love this build.

The last one from Cecilie is this. It’s incredible! The conveyor belt moves, but the shape! Wow. I also really like the chairs. I’ve never seen that done before, but I’ll definitely be using it.

And the winner, after some close scores is Cecilie! Congratulations Cecilie, it’s very deserving. I can’t wait for Round 2! You can read the score sheets for yourselves at the Flickr Discussion.

What were your favourite builds? Let me know in a comment!

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