Just like a Doll’s House

I have always been intrigued by nature in LEGO builds. I don’t know why, maybe making something organic from plastic, or just the pretty colours, but it’s always exciting to see something amazing, that also looks completely natural.

Take this for instance, Just like a doll’s house by Cesar Soares.

Just like a dolls house - Cesar Soares

Now, is that not one of the most beautiful scenes you’ve ever seen? There is so much to love about this. The trees are stunning. They’ve got some great shape, and those trunks are beautiful. The way the different colours blend together is perfect, and that house! Amazing. There’s so much detail – The use of blue ski poles and minifigure hands as flowers, the shingles on the roof and the brickwork is absolutely incredible. I could stare at this for hours. I wonder if there’s an interior to the house?

Speaking of interiors, have you entered BricktasicBlog’s LEGO Household Items Challenge yet? It’s open until November 30, and there are some excellent LEGO prizes to be won!

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