LEGO Alphabet

Bricktober Perth is over for another year, and it’s been a brilliant one! I’ll be doing a full write-up of the show later this week, as well as a separate article on the LEGO Masters Australia inspired Apartment Complex.

Now that the show is done, I can reveal my display for 2019 – the LEGO Alphabet! Each of the 26 letters sits on a 16×16 plate.

LEGO Alphabet

It was all because of my 2 year old daughter. I was reading an alphabet book to her and thought it would look cool in LEGO. After searching through a few books to get a list, I came up with the items to build. There’s over 6,500 parts used.

LEGO Alphabet 1
Alphabet 2

Admittedly, some of the builds aren’t mine – I saw a couple of builds on the internet and thought they were much better than what I could ever do, so I reverse engineered them. The originals are linked below. I’ve also used a few little LEGO sets thrown in for fun.

The list of items is also below, just in case you missed some. There’s also each letter’s photo after the list.

A: Apple & ants
B: Book & butterfly
C: Carrot & crate
D: Dogs (& a dachshund)
E: Elephant & egg. The elephant’s head is from this spectacular build by demitriusgaouette9991.
F: Fish (four of them), frog, flamingo & flowers
G: Goat, girl, garden & giraffe
H: Hammer & hand
I: Ice-cream
J: Jack-in-the-box & jester
K: King
M: Monkey
N: Nest
O: Octopus
P: Paper & pencils (originally by the legendary Peter Reid).
Q: Queen
R: Roadrunner (by grohl on Eurobricks, with a slight modification as he was too tall!)
S: Stargate & snake (we had a few stargates that were connected to different displays – I was connected to the Zoo!)
T: Toybox, toys & train
U: Umbrellas & underwear (sort of)
V: Volcano & village
W: Wave and whale (I’ve seen the whale’s tail before, but can’t remember where it’s from!)
X: Xylophone
Y: Yellow yacht
Z: Zebra

Thanks to every single person that came and had a chat! It was great to talk to all of you.

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  1. Sasha Reply

    I really love what you’ve done! Thank you so much to your little one who inspired you. Have you thought of making an alphabet book?

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