LEGO Alphabet

Bricktober Perth is over for another year, and it’s been a brilliant one! I’ll be doing a full write-up of the show later this week, as well as a separate article on the LEGO Masters Australia inspired Apartment Complex.

Now that the show is done, I can reveal my display for 2019 – the LEGO Alphabet! Each of the 26 letters sits on a 16×16 plate.

LEGO Alphabet

It was all because of my 2 year old daughter. I was reading an alphabet book to her and thought it would look cool in LEGO. After searching through a few books to get a list, I came up with the items to build. There’s over 6,500 parts used.

LEGO Alphabet 1
Alphabet 2

Admittedly, some of the builds aren’t mine – I saw a couple of builds on the internet and thought they were much better than what I could ever do, so I reverse engineered them. The originals are linked below. I’ve also used a few little LEGO sets thrown in for fun.

The list of items is also below, just in case you missed some. There’s also each letter’s photo after the list.

A: Apple & ants
B: Book & butterfly
C: Carrot & crate
D: Dogs (& a dachshund)
E: Elephant & egg. The elephant’s head is from this spectacular build by demitriusgaouette9991.
F: Fish (four of them), frog, flamingo & flowers
G: Goat, girl, garden & giraffe
H: Hammer & hand
I: Ice-cream
J: Jack-in-the-box & jester
K: King
M: Monkey
N: Nest
O: Octopus
P: Paper & pencils (originally by the legendary Peter Reid).
Q: Queen
R: Roadrunner (by grohl on Eurobricks, with a slight modification as he was too tall!)
S: Stargate & snake (we had a few stargates that were connected to different displays – I was connected to the Zoo!)
T: Toybox, toys & train
U: Umbrellas & underwear (sort of)
V: Volcano & village
W: Wave and whale (I’ve seen the whale’s tail before, but can’t remember where it’s from!)
X: Xylophone
Y: Yellow yacht
Z: Zebra

Thanks to every single person that came and had a chat! It was great to talk to all of you.

3 thoughts on “LEGO Alphabet

  1. Sasha

    I really love what you’ve done! Thank you so much to your little one who inspired you. Have you thought of making an alphabet book?

    • John Post author

      Thank you so much! I actually have – just need to get it off the ground now…

  2. Jerry

    You might consider submitting these as an entry for an eventual Lego Idea set (though you will need to make it under 3k pieces). I was looking for something similar and think your alphabet letters are awesome!

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