LEGO DC BrickHeadz Series 1 Review

Theme: BrickHeadz Series 1
Nos: 41585 (Batman); 41586 (Batgirl); 41587 (Robin); 41588 (The Joker)
Release Year: 2017
Cost: AUD $15.99 each
Pieces: 91 (Batman); 99 (Batgirl); 101 (Robin); 151 (The Joker)

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

When we first saw official images of the new BrickHeadz theme back in late January, I was very excited. The theme looked fresh, exciting, and had a lot of potential for expansion, as well as being incredibly cute! I knew I had to get them all. As soon as I had some spare cash, I bought the lot (only to realise once I was unpacking the box that I’d missed one – but I’ll sort that out later).

To mix things up, I’m going to be reviewing them in their subject matters – LEGO DC, LEGO Marvel, LEGO Disney, and later on (that is, when I get Jack Sparrow), LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Each section will contain the relevant information for each of the four BrickHeadz in question.

For now, it’s the LEGO DC BrickHeadz, with Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and The Joker. The boxes are nice and small, with pictures of the minfigure equivalents, and the rest of the universe lines as well. They’re bright and bold. The only thing I don’t like about the boxes are the push tabs. These ones seem especially hard to push. Each box has two bags of parts, an instruction booklet, and a 4×6 black plate.


BrickHeadz are great for boosting certain parts in your collection. The standards in every BrickHeadz include the printed 2×4 tile with the BrickHeadz logo (his name is “Nonnie”, and you can build him!), and the series number), plenty of different tiles and plates in various colours, some excellent printed elements, the BrickHeadz eyes, innards (yep), and a good selection of the 1x2x1 bricks with four studs on the side. It’s a great amount of goodies!

I absolutely love the fact that the BrickHeadz have innards. There’s a pink 2×2 brain, with a little spine. It’s very clever, and funny too.

Batman is slightly different because of his eyes – they’re not the standard BrickHeadz eyes, rather glow in the dark round 1×1 tiles. He’s got two printed elements on him – the logo brick, and the belt plate. The rest are honestly pretty standard. I like the 2×2 wing plates on his cape. There’s a few of them in the BrickHeadz range. He’s also got a batarang or two – you can never have too many batarangs. 14/20

Batgirl has some beautiful medium lilac elements on her. They’re striking and bold. Just the one printed piece for her – the logo brick. She does have a few elements that are new in the lilac though. A Nexo Knights shield, ridged end tile 1×2, 2×3 tiles, a 1×4 plate with 2 studs, and a 2x2x2/3 plate with 2 SNOT studs, used in her ponytail. She’s got some batarangs too, just in bright yellow. 17/20

Robin’s got a good assortment of colours, with some interesting parts included. Two lifebouys act as his glasses, along with various coloured tiles all over his body. His “hands” – the green 1×2 with horizontal clip is new in this colour, and he’s got a printed 1×4 brick on his torso. 17/20

The Joker, at least for me, is the best in the DC line for parts. with three printed elements on his body – a 1×2 and 1×4 brick, and a 1×4 tile, and a good deal of green in his hair. Brilliant inclusions are the two 1×4 bricks in lilac, unique to this set for this colour, and my personal favourite, 10 of the 1×4 quarter circle tiles in green. There’s only two other sets that this element appears in – 21133: The Witch Hut from Minecraft, and a Speed Champions set – 75883. It’s a relatively rare element, and is extremely versatile. There’s loads of tiles and slopes in green and purple, as well as a couple of 1x2x2 corner tiles in white. 18/20

Swooshability: 5/20

I wouldn’t say zero, but there is very little playability with these guys. They certainly wouldn’t be your first choice.

Build: 17/20

For a small build, it’s a very rewarding process. It’s a lot of fun to see these characters come together. The added cuteness of them really adds to the build value. It all starts with the torso.

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

Some basic plates are added to a 4×4 plate, with a couple of SNOT bricks for arm additions. The outer structure comes first, with two interior round 2×2 bricks through the middle. Another 4×4 plate is added, followed by the very simple arms.

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

The SNOT bricks are added as a base for the head, with the brain and more spine being slotted in. Then it’s a matter of adding the detail to the head, followed by a cape, if the character has one. In this case, only The Joker missed out. He’s got a great amount of hair, with some simple SNOT thrown in there too.

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

The final stages are the legs, followed by the stand, and there you have it! It’s quick, and a lot of fun. A great build for doing in front of the TV, or if you want a quick LEGO fix.

LEGO DC BrickHeadz


LEGO DC BrickHeadz - Batman

Batman is the most understated of the bunch. He’s clad in black, as he should be, with a cape and two ears on his cowl. I really like his belt, and the cape is fantastic. I’m not sold on the bat ears, but they’re growing on me. For my first BrickHeadz build, he was great. 16/20

LEGO DC BrickHeadz - Batgirl

Batgirl is much better. I love the ears, and the bright, bold colours really make her stand out. The ponytail is fantastic! It makes for a nice little talking point, especially as it’s removable, just like her minifigure counterpart. 18/20

LEGO DC BrickHeadz - Robin

Robin is adorable, and I love his glasses and hair, but there are a couple of things I’m not sure about. His ears are far too big (I think they’re facing the wrong way as well), and I’m not sure about the little patch of skin colour on his arms. It’s strange having the green underneath. The little spike in his hair is great. 17/20

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

The Joker is easily my favourite of the bunch. His suit is superb, and his hair is absolutely perfect. It was really exciting to see it all come together piece by piece. He has the same ears as Robin, but they’re much more hidden by his hair, so they work. His sleeves are also much better. The bold colours are great, and he’s unmistakeable as the Joker. 20/20

Value for Money: 10/10

For $16, these sets are a steal. There are some great elements included, with printed parts, tiles, and ever useful SNOT bricks by the bucketload. It’s a quick build, with easily recognisable characters. I think these are the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas, or cheap birthday present. Definitely worth the money.

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

Collectibility: 10/10

These have collectibility written all over them. With what looks to be multiple series planned, a huge range of characters to choose from in the future, and plenty of people being inspired by them to create their own characters, I would recommend getting in quick to snap up a set of the first series. I see big things for these little characters.


Batman: 72/100

Batgirl: 77/100

Robin: 76/100

The Joker: 80/100

Are you a fan of the BrickHeadz theme? Which ones are your favourites?

LEGO DC BrickHeadz

Next week I’ll be taking a short break from reviewing, as I’ll be away for the weekend, but I’ll be back the following week, taking a look at (finally) 10248: Ferrari F40.