LEGO giving away exclusive SDCC Sets over Twitter!

Every year, the San Diego Comic Con is a big platform for LEGO to release exclusives, as well as show off sets. The exclusives are pretty great, and are extremely hard to come by, or if you do happen to find one, extremely expensive.

Last year, LEGO gave fans from all over the world a chance to win the sets over Twitter, and this year they’re doing it again! There are some pretty great giveaways, such as the DC Super Heroes Arsenal Minifig, Action Comics #1 Superman, All New Captain America (Sam Wilson), Throne of Ultron, Skull Scorpio Mask, and Dagobah Mini Build.

To get involved, you’ll need a Twitter account, and simply retweet (RT) the set competition tweets from @LEGO_Group during the SDCC Competition duration. You’ll also need to follow @LEGO_Group on Twitter too.

There’s two up at the moment, and two each day. On the last day, there’s the Bionicle Grand Prize Pack – who knows what that might be! Get stuck into it!

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