LEGO Ideas 2016 Third Review Stage Results!

It’s time! There has been some deliberation at LEGO, and the LEGO Ideas Review Board has come up with two projects approved for production!

First up is Voltron – Defender Of The Universe by len_d69. This one needed a bit more time for a review, as it wasn’t in the Third Stage, but it’s still a great result.

Voltron - Defender Of The Universe - LEGO Ideas

I remember watching the show as a kid, and seeing it in LEGO form is great – it lends itself really well to the plastic brick! I’m looking forward to seeing what the final set looks like. If you’re curious about the project and the builder, check out the 10K Club Interview on the LEGO Ideas Blog.

Finally, to this round, and my personal favourite for the entire round, Ship In A Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan by JakeSadovich77! Hooray!

Ship In A Bottle - LEGO Ideas

I wrote about this project back in November last year, hoping that it would get to 10K, and I am ridiculously excited that it’s not only done that, but gone all the way and been approved! To me this is LEGO Ideas in a nutshell (or bottle?). It’s unique, expertly crafted, and is just waiting for people to see it on a mantle or desk and say “Wait, that’s LEGO! Wow!”.

Ship In A Bottle - LEGO Ideas

I am definitely getting a copy of this one when it’s released. I am so thrilled that it got approved! You can read Jake’s 10K Club Interview as well. I’m really curious to see how this one turns out. I love the firing cannons, but am wondering how the cannons will turn out in the final model. Any thoughts or suggestions?

LEGO Ideas Third 2016 Review Stage

As always, there were lots of excellent projects that unfortunately didn’t get approved, but a huge well done to the creators for getting this far. It’s a massive achievement!

There’s also an announcement video:

So, are you happy with the results? Is there any project you would have prefer get approved? Let me know with a comment!

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