LEGO Ideas First 2019 Review Results

LEGO Ideas has just finished their first Review Results livestream, to announce the review results. It also included the verdict on the Playable LEGO Piano. I’m typing this as I go, so this will be interesting!

It was interesting, especially so as Sam revealed the secret criteria used when selecting a set to be approved. They were:

  • Build quality – can it stand if it’s tall? Can it roll if it’s a car?
  • Feasibility – looking at price, marketing, is it feasible for LEGO to produce it as a set?
  • Playability – is it super exciting and great for display?
  • Branding – is the subject or brand suitable for the LEGO Group
  • Licensing opportunities to test out new licenses
  • and finally, taking in products currently in development – is there a clash with something currently in development?
The Pirate Bay - Bricky_Brick

The results? The Pirate Bay gets the nod! Amazing result – this is a stunner of a project.

123 Sesame Street

There was another – 123 Sesame Street got the nod as well. The presenters even had cookies to celebrate!

Playable LEGO Piano

Not only that, there was another one! The Playable LEGO Piano. What a huge haul!

Hasan mentioned that Anatomini also wowed the review board but they couldn’t make a decision, so the results for that set will be delivered in the next Review stage, in January 2020. What a video! Man, I’m excited.

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  1. Sasha Reply

    Wow! How fantastic! My three top choices are ALL going to be made. I’m in Lego heaven – or debtor’s prison – I’ll let you know when they hit the shelves.

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