LEGO Ideas Food Stand Diners Needs You!

I’m on holidays at the moment, so I’m not writing as much as normal, but this definitely deserves your attention. Remember in August when I interviewed Frostbricks for a Builder Spotlight? He’s the genius behind the chip shop diner. Well, in the last day he’s submitted a fantastic project to LEGO Ideas, and it needs your support! It’s called Food Stand Diners, and it’s an expansion on the chip shop.

Food Stand Diners - Frostbricks

This brilliant project expands on the chip shop and adds in a burger joint and shake shack, all owned and operated by the Fernando Brothers. I absolutely love the details in these buildings. They’d look incredible in any street scene, and even just by themselves. The project is already at 300 supporters, after a day, and I totally believe we can get it to 10,000! Let’s show Kale some support and get his excellent project all the way.

He’s also suggested that these diners can be expanded into a lot of different options. What other buildings do you want to see replicated in the Food Stand Diners style? Let me know below, but before you do that, head to the project page on LEGO Ideas and give it your support!

Also, don’t forget to enter the BricktasticBlog LEGO Household Items Challenge! It’s on for another couple of days. You can win some amazing LEGO prizes, and it won’t take long to come up with something, I’m sure…

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