Two Sets Pass the Second 2018 Ideas Review Stage

We’ve got two more sets expected to hit shelves in the future, and they’re quite surprising! Here’s the run down of what was up for review.

To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for many of these, given the possible IP issues, and that space has been covered pretty comprehensively out of LEGO Ideas already, but anyway, here’s what got the go ahead:

Steamboat Willie by szabomate90

Given the internal IP conflicts with the existing Disney line, I didn’t expect this at all, especially as it breaks a rule in the LEGO Ideas program, but an official response was given on Facebook:

“That is mostly correct. However, in the case of Steamboat Willie, this product idea was submitted before we changed our guidelines and therefore we allowed it to continue gathering support and considered it in the review stage.”

I’m pretty excited about this one. It should be affordable as there’s not much to it, and a black and white Mickey? Yes please!

The Central Perk Coffee of Friends by Mric76

This was the most surprising. An older show, and essentially a copy of the existing Big Bang Theory set, so I thought it had no chance of getting in.

Well, I was wrong! It’ll be interesting to see what changes, and how popular it will be. It’s certainly a popular show, so the Friends fans will be ecstatic (oh man, two types of LEGO Friends now…). I wonder what will change with the final set? Hopefully it’s not as divisive as The Flintstones.

You can read more at the LEGO Ideas Blog.