LEGO Marvel BrickHeadz Series 1 Review

Theme: BrickHeadz Series 1
No’s: 41589 (Captain America); 41590 (Iron Man); 41591 (Black Widow); 41592 (The Hulk)
Release Year: 2017
Cost: AUD $15.99 each
Pieces: 79 (Captain America); 96 (Iron Man); 143 (Black Widow); 96 (The Hulk)

It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve written a review, and that’s because it has been ages – almost two months in fact! Let’s get back into it with the Marvel BrickHeadz. There’s the Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hulk! I’ve taken my time with building these as I’ve really enjoyed them – I want to make them last! After this I’ve got four more to go, but I’ll save building them for another time. Just a disclaimer at the start – there aren’t as many photos as usual in this review, as the build is the same for pretty much all of the Brickheadz. Instead, there’s just images of the Brickheadz from different angles.

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz

Each of the boxes for the Marvel characters are blue, with red for the Hulk for some strange reason. Maybe to show he’s angry? They are all a similar setup to the DC BrickHeadz, with pictures of the drawn characters as well as push tabs to open. Each box also has two bags of parts, an instruction booklet, and a 4×6 black plate, used as the stand.


Like with the DC BrickHeadz, there are standard parts including the printed 2×4 tile with Nonnie, lots of different tiles and plates, and some sweet printed parts too, as well as the little pink 2×2 brain. Still funny, and very clever.

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz - Captain America

Captain America has more of the standard fare, with a nice inclusion apart from the printed elements being the Cap’s shield.  I really like the colour overall – the blue just pops. A few things are more rare, particularly in the colours included – the brown 1×2 plate with horizontal clip is unique to this set. The blue 1×2 tile, 4×4 plate and 2×2 plate are also rarely seen. 13/20

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz - Iron Man

Iron Man is my favourite of the Marvel line up – like Captain America, he’s got less amazing inclusions, but what he does have is excellent. There’s some nice printed elements, but my favourite inclusions are his eyes – they’re trans light blue 1×1 tiles, with a printed white surface. It’d be great if they lit up! Maybe some pico LEDs are in my future. Iron Man also has a few non-printed elements that are unique (or very rare) in dark red – some of the 1×2 plate variants, a 4×4 plate and 2×4 tile. 16/20

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz - Black Widow

Black Widow has a very nice addition of elements, thanks to her hair. The dark orange parts are great for hair, and new elements, only seen in this set include the 1×1 and 1×3 plates, and the 1x1x1 arch brick. There’s others as well, like arches and tiles that are rare, but they’re the noteworthy ones. Not only that, but there’s more than one of each. Aside from that, elements are either black, grey, or sand coloured. The hair is definitely the best colour of the lot. 18/20

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz - The Hulk

Lastly, there’s Hulk. He (of course), has a lot of green. All the green! Some of it, surprisingly, is new! There’s the printed abs and chest, but there’s also a 1×4 plate with 2 knobs, and a 2×2 rocker plate and bearing. Hulk also has the best colouring – apart from green, he’s got some beautiful medium lilac parts. There’s not many of them, but it’s great to see. 17/20


Just like the DC Brickheadz, there’s very little playability.

BUILD: 17/20

There’s really no difference in the build process with these and the DC ones, except for one – Hulk. His arms are attached to the green rocker bearings and plates first, then attached to the body. It’s quite clever. They’re also all very strong and sturdy.

The rest is still the same. Body first, then head, hair, legs and stand. It’s quick, and very rewarding at the end. I didn’t have my camera handy for the build process with the Marvel characters, but if you’re curious, just check out the DC ones – it’s the same.


I’ve already mentioned Captain America’s brilliant blue colouring. It’s really eye catching. Another very small feature (which I think is also rather large) are his ears! They’re comically large. I realise they’re no different to the other eared (?) BrickHead – Robin, but they just look hilarious. It’s not a bad thing – it adds to the cuteness factor. I also like that he can hold on to his shield, as well as attach it to his back. It’s the little details… 17/20

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz - Iron Man

Iron Man – his dark red and yellow suit is bold and fantastic. He’s mean but adorable at the same time. There’s also a bit more detailing on the legs. I see what they’re trying to do with the arms, but the shoulder pad things seem a little strange. 17/20

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz - Black Widow

Black Widow looks the best in my book. She’s got that magnificent hair, her batons (whacky sticks), and a cool belt. It’s excellent. There is a serious amount of detail in her hair – I’m still not sure why some studs have to be visible when the majority of it is smooth, though. 18/20

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz- The Hulk

Hulk has good and bad. His hair and brow are fantastic, but his arms and hands are bonkers. I know what they’re meant to be, but they don’t look right. Ok, it would have been hard to have that much detail at that scale, and I don’t know if there was a better option, but I still think it’s a weird look. 15/20


Like the DC Brickheadz, these sets are great value for money at $16. There are some excellent parts inclusions (SNOT bricks, tiles, slopes and printed elements), and is a quick and rewarding build, with characters that everyone knows. Christmas is coming soon (it’s scary to think that in September, but it’s true), so these are the perfect stocking fillers for any LEGO fan in your family.

LEGO Marvel Brickheadz


These sets are about as collectible as you can get! There’s supposed to be multiple series coming (that’s apparently the reason for that number 1 on the stand), a plethora of characters to choose from in the future, and loads of people creating their own.


Captain America: 72/100

Iron Man: 75/100

Black Widow: 78/100

The Hulk: 74/100

Which one of the Marvel Brickheadz is your favourite? Let me know in a comment below.