LEGO Masters Australia Finale – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

This is it. The end of Season 2 of LEGO Masters Australia. 12 challenges, Eight teams started, 3 teams fight for the win, the title of LEGO Masters and $100,000. Let’s get stuck in. I was able to watch it a fraction early, so I could do a bit more!

Free Build

Yep, it’s a free build – no constraints, no guidelines. This is something the teams would have been thinking about during the entire season, so they’ll have ideas straight away. At the end, like last year, 250 members of the public will come in and vote (as well as the season’s previous contestants). The Golden Brick is also back with a new power – Brickman’s vote is worth 100 votes.

The length is also insane – 28 hours to build! These builds could be massive. As usual, let’s take this one team at a time.

Jackson and Alex have done some awesome builds – steampunk islands, Crablantis, venus fly traps, flying UFOs, Westerns, and a giant Worm monster. To finish off, they decided on FrankenFig – A spooky gothic house on a hill, a village below and a giant steampunk minifigure coming to terrorise them. Not only that, but the steampunk figure is going to move! Early on we got to see the mechanism at it’s most basic and it was very clever. The stained glass in the village chapel looked beautiful.

With a large purple gothic house unique and intricate village, and some stunning steampunk details, this was brilliant.

Trent and Josh have excelled with big figures. Cats and birdcages, farmers and giant carrots, squids, divers, chicken costumed thieves, and more. They went with a Pirate Ship hosting a battle between the pirates and the bluecoats. They’re going to go big. Very big. Bigger than anything in LEGO Masters history. The brick built pirates and bluecoats very early on looked awesome, but the ship was monumental, so this was going to be exciting.

After some huge effort in building, a sail fitted the wrong way and a dropped monkey it came together. Wow. Needless to say it was intense. The final result was awesome. The crocodile in the water was beautiful, and although the ship lacked a few little details at the back, it was fantastic.

Andrew and Damian have had some beautiful builds. Pagodas, pink castles, airships, giants and vines, and many more. They went with the Final Battle – two mechs fighting it out in a colosseum full of minifigures. This looks to be absolutely massive. Curved arenas are big and not easy. Brickman has also done a large colosseum or two – this should be interesting. With multiple similar sections, it could be cleverly executed, but it’s a lot of bricklaying – let alone the 4,500 figures to fill it (according to Brickman).

The mechs were a samurai warrior and a medieval knight – the samurai warrior would be delivering the final blow. There were minifigures everywhere (after a massacre of the minifigure wall). Incredible.

After 28 hours of building the teams were exhausted, but the builds were something else. The sheer size of them was staggering. The teams left to let the public in and be amazed.

When the crowds walked in they were blown away. I would have loved to have been there to check them out myself!

All three builds were so incredibly detailed and beautiful, I had absolutely no idea who would get the win. Brickman and the crowds would have a very difficult task.

After the votes had been cast, it was time to do the final reveal.

Third place went to Trent and Josh. The winning team for LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 was Jackson and Alex! YES! What an awesome result. I am super happy. All three builds were outstanding and worthy of making the finale. The quality in that room was crazy.

And that is it for another season of LEGO Masters! It’s been a brilliant season – honestly the best of the two so far. I’m sure we’re going to see Season 3 grace our screens soon. Let me know what you’ve thought of the season in the comments or on Facebook, and vote for your favourite finale build in the poll below.

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