LEGO Masters Australia S2E3 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

We’re two episodes down. Now we get to crunch time for the first time this season – this episode we will see a team leave the competition. After last night’s win, Summer and Iona are safe, so are exempt from building.

Early on in the episode, Hamish asks Andrew and Damian if they want to play their special bricks – the Golden Brick or the Flash Jordan Brick – and is met with a no. The guys are relying on pure skill to get them through! The next question posed to Hamish is what is the challenge for the day, to which Hamish surprisingly said “no idea”. Enter a man with a podium and a large LEGO built book. After some slightly delayed special effects, Hamish reads from the large book and reveals it’s a classic fairytale build!

Fairy Tale

The seven teams have got 12 hours to build a scene from a classic fairy tale. This should be another good one (and yes, I’m sensing a pattern).


Andrew and Damian opted for Jack and the Beanstalk, with no minifigures planned to be used. The plan was a big beanstalk, the Giant hanging off the edge, with Jack cutting it down. They had a few dramas during the build, with the beanstalk not able to withstand it’s own weight. Andrew mentioned that a classic beanstalk is a bit curved, which was the problem. The ended up finishing, and wow, did they deliver.


Their build was stunning. The problematic beanstalk was beautiful, with a large creeping vine winding around it, leaves everywhere, and a fantastic brick built giant clambering down. Jack is also visible at the bottom, chopping it down, next to a huge pot of gold, and at the very top, the giant’s castle in awesome forced perspective.

Jay and Stani chose Rapunzel. With long golden hair and a huge tower, after yesterday’s tower, this seemed to be the perfect choice.


The tower was very tall, and octagon shaped which was great to see, but Brickman thought it was playing it a bit safe, as it looked too shiny and new. The hair was a bright pop of yellow, but unfortunately was thicker than Rapunzel herself, and had little bananas everywhere – meant to be braid details. The flowers and the landscaping was gorgeous – it was a shame there wasn’t more footage of it.


Jackson and Alex built Hansel and Gretel, and decided to have an opening roof to see inside the Gingerbread House. What was great to see during the build was the offset 2×2 tiles in the floor. It’s a technique I’d love to do one day.


The final build was so vibrant. There were two big (presumed dead) trees out the front, and a phenomenal Gingerbread House – one of the best I’ve ever seen. The colour outside was perfect – with lollies and candy everywhere. Inside the house was a very different story. It was dark, gloomy and absolutely perfect to the original story. With the coolest oven and flickering fire thanks to a hidden propeller, and a dark and gloomy feel to it, plus the witch looking like a friendly grandma at the front, but hiding a massive knife behind her back, it was top notch.

Trent and Josh decided on Cinderella. Specifically, Cinderella running away from Prince Charming to her pumpkin carriage, all the while losing a glass slipper. The tricky thing with this decision was the scale, with the lads deciding on minifigure scale and pouring a huge amount of effort into the castle. The castle looked great, but the slipper was absolutely tiny – made from a trans-clear cheese slope and 1×2 plate. The carriage was pretty obviously Cinderella, but without that, it could have been anything.


When Brickman came to judge, he noticed that the build quality was not great. The castle was very flimsy, with sections not connected at all, or not finished. The dance floor mechanism was a nice touch, but it could have been better had the guys not poured so much attention on the castle, instead of the primary subject – Cinderella.


Annie and Runa chose the Little Mermaid. Runa’s sculpting ability was on point, so I was very excited to see this one. The team had a few issues with size of Ariel and halfway through building asked Brickman if it made sense for Ariel to be smaller. Brickman pointed out that the mermaid was the focus, and everything else needed to fit, so they decided to go with trying a forced perspective, where the foreground was large, and the background dramatically smaller, although it didn’t end up working as well as it could have.


The main issue was adding Ariel’s head on in the last 15 minutes caused issues, as it was too heavy. It ended up having to be secured on a post, which looked a little creepy! What was very clever was that top of the tower featured a LEGO leg – the one thing the Little Mermaid wanted more than anything. The greebling was also created with white LEGO legs. I loved it.


Tim and Dannii also went with Jack and the Beanstalk, but with a difference. They decided to portray the inside of the giant’s castle, and Jack breaking in. The final build was pretty spectacular, with a large giant asleep at a table mid-dinner, and a minifigure Jack running across the table.


The largescale builds were very clever – a fork made out of minifigure swords, a big harp, turkey, and the sleeping giant was brilliant to look at.


Finally, there was Jen and Jodie with The Ugly Duckling. The team did a pretty great Technic waterfall (note, not ‘technique’), surrounded by loads of greenery, brick built ducks, and strangely enough, a translucent swan.


The water was very ‘busy’, but as a whole, it looked great. Here’s the final video from LEGO Masters Australia on Facebook.

All round, it was another episode of awesome creations, although the sneaky editing trickery suggested that there were so many teams nowhere near finished with 5 minutes to go.


At the end the top two teams were Andrew & Damian, and Jackson & Alex, with the WA boys getting the win – the different story inside just made it pop.


The bottom two, for the first time this season were Annie and Runa with the troublesome mermaid and a story that was hard to follow, plus Trent and Josh’s Cinderella that was hard to pick. Unfortunately, and bringing Brickman to tears, it was Annie and Runa who left the show, after such a strong start.

Next week we’ve got some brilliant new build challenges – a tallest tower challenge (who hasn’t done that at home), and a suspension challenge, with one piece hanging off the ceiling, meant to support the entire build! This is going to be another great week of challenges!

You can check out the previous episodes (including Season 1), on 9Now. Next week the show will air on Channel 9 on Sunday night at 7pm and Monday night at 7:30pm. Lastly, it’s time to vote again! Like with both episode 1 and episode 2, vote below for your favourite build for episode 3. I’ll release the results later in the week for Week 1.

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