LEGO Masters Australia S2E4 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

It’s the second week of LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 already! We’ve saw some great builds last week, but this episode really steps it up. There’s two builds this episode, and in a bit of a twist, the second build is an elimination build! Another team will be going home. Both build challenges this week are also brand new to the show.

The first build this episode is one that almost every kid (and adult) with LEGO has done at least once – build the tallest tower.

Tallest Tower

The instructions were simple. Build purely for height using only 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8 bricks. No stools were allowed to be used, so it forced the contestants to essentially build two big towers, and lift one on top of the other. The teams had two hours to go as high as possible, and obviously Jay and Stani were super excited! The winning team would get an advantage going into the next build. With hardhats collected, it was time to build sky high.

The Tower Kings Jay and Stani went with four pillars and crossbraces, and went tall very fast. Jackson and Alex went with bigger towers next to each other, supported by crossbraces and a spire on top. Jackson has an architecture degree, so this team would be one to watch. Trent and Josh and Jen and Jodie had more of a modular system going, and Tim and Dannii opted for a very wide base with a free-standing tower. Summer and Iona started very slow, as unfortunately Summer wasn’t feeling too well! Hopefully she would be feeling better for the next build. Finally, Andrew and Damian opted for a very different design, using SNOT! Longer bricks were tilted on their side, going up vertically, using the length of the bricks to get the extra height. It could be an interesting strategy.


Hamish came out with a very large measuring stick – 4 metres tall – and the challenge was to beat the stick. Tim and Dannii were the first to go big. After lifting a big tower, the top fell off and it got them to the 3.5 metre mark. Andrew and Damian went big next, topping out at just over 4 metres, beating the stick! I didn’t realise until later just how much of a lean the top of the tower was on.


Finally, there was Jay and Stani. Finishing at over 4.5 metres, they took out the challenge. I really wanted to see the towers get knocked over, but alas, it was not to be.

On to the elimination build.

One Hanging Brick

This build challenge was something else completely new. To announce it, Hamish got lifted into the air, at the confusion of the teams.


Their challenge? Build something off one single piece of Technic hanging above their bench. What a concept! They’d have to build from the inside out, two feet above the table, with 10 hours to do it. After winning the tallest tower challenge, Jay and Stani got an extra hour to work with, so they got stuck into it straight away, while others watched on in silence.

After a quick chat, they decided to go with a biosphere on a floating island, from Jay’s childhood imagination. With lots of Technic in the framing, and some quick brickwork from Stani underneath, it was impressive to see built so quickly. The biosphere looked awesome, and a microscale city inside, complete with a mini monorail and a nod to their original rotating observation tower looked excellent.


Brickman noted that having some different layering in the island would have been good – lava, stone and dirt, and I have to agree – it would make it pop more, but what they did was very cool. A foreboding alien planet on the outside, with a beautiful utopia on the inside? Love it.


Andrew and Damian decided almost instantly on a pirate airship. Such a cool idea! It ended up being a brick built blimp attacking another airship. It was massive, but also put a big strain on the LEGO elements themselves.


It was heavy, so it pulled it down far enough to sit on the table. I particularly loved the shark figurehead at the front, and the big claw reaching down.

Tim and Dannii‘s build was on the promo footage, so you know it was awesome already – a massive anglerfish hunting a submarine. It was spectacular! It had motorised fins and some awesome shaping. Those massive teeth and eyes were spot on! Also, the eyes could pass for decent fried eggs too.


Unfortunately the fish lost a fin in the last 20 seconds after only testing it last minute. With no time to fix it, they were they only team that didn’t have a completed model – Tim was understandably nervous. Either way, Brickman loved it.

Trent and Josh went for a seemingly complicated model and had a rough start. With a birdcage and a cat hanging off it, there were concerns about weight balances and the detail in the cage. Brickman said a lifesize cat took him 8 hours, so was expecting the team to struggle.

After some cage issues and frustrations, and building a diagonal square, they realised the cage wasn’t going to hold, so did some late changes, and had enough time to make extra birds and an extra cat. From a single bird and cat to three birds and two cats (as a counterbalance), it looked unreal. What a great way to finish!

Summer and Iona really struggled with this challenge, as Summer was still not feeling well. They decided on a pinata full of lollies – an awesome choice, but part of the way in, Summer was not feeling well at all and had to leave. Iona was under some serious pressure.

It was awesome to see everyone else helping by holding the pinata, or making lollies for her. The final build was a bright pop of colour that did drop lollies, but it was very small in comparison, and hung at an angle. It was a monumental effort for Iona to keep going by herself, but the build did struggle in comparison.

Jackson and Alex built a 1950s style UFO lifting a barn. Building circles with LEGO is not easy, as we all know, so they opted for a rounded square. It worked, but could have been a bit better with more time. The barn was brilliant – an exploding roof and nice little details around it. It was also lifting some animals, including a perfect brick built cow with a pink blaster for udders!

Jen and Jodie went with a black and purple dragon on a cloud. It’s captured a knight, and a princess is there to rescue him! I loved the little tutus on the dragon tail – it just pops! Not a lot of coverage was given to it, but it was awesome. Brickman mentioned that bigger wings would have made it even better.

What a bunch of builds! This was a fantastic episode – one of the best for the whole show, 1st season included. An awesome concept! On to the winners.

The top two were Jay and Stani, and Trent and Josh. Brickman also mentioned that Tim and Dannii could have been there, if it wasn’t for that fin!

The winners were Trent and Josh – it was funny, it balanced, and the colours were simple. What a stunning build.

As I mentioned, it was an elimination build – it was decided during judging that Summer and Iona’s pinata just didn’t rank in terms of scale. It was just too hard for Iona to do by herself, although it’s amazing that she kept going. What a legend! Unfortunately we said goodbye to Summer and Iona.

Tomorrow is another day, and another episode, though. A shake the build challenge! It should be fun to watch.

As always, vote who you thought had the best hanging build, and we’ll see what happens next week!

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