LEGO Masters Australia S2E5 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

Episode 5, here we go! This was another new challenge in a week of firsts – to beat the shake plate.

Make ‘n’ Shake

This challenge was all about stability. The task was to build a 32×32 stud wide, 1.2 metre tower on a shake plate. With increasing levels of shaking, from 1 to 10, towers had to hold on as far as they could go. The winners would go on to be safe in the next elimination build. With 8 hours to build, the teams got stuck in. If it was a tie, then it would come down to aesthetics.

Andrew and Damian decided on a Wizard castle with both inner and outer walls and a little bit of Technic thrown in for good measure.

With a greyscale gradient going up the walls, and the eponymous wizard standing amongst the battlements, these guys thought about aesthetics from the start. Unfortunately there was one single brick missing right at the front, which Hamish and Brickman picked out straight away!

Tim and Dannii went with a central post and internal braces connected to the outer walls. They wanted the top section to be quicker to build, but would it be too flimsy? At the start Tim was adamant that this was purely based on technique, not aesthetic, but after a while Dannii decided they’d make it into a giant popcorn bucket with loose popcorn at the top. It looked fantastic.

Jackson and Alex went a different route to most – they said they weren’t going to outsmart the shake plate, but out-dumb it, opting for a tower of solid bricks, designed to look like a jungle prison.

Brickman was skeptical – was there enough time to lay approximately 128 layers of solid bricks? The boys would be working flat out.

Trent and Josh went a different route again, going purely Technic. With a tonne of flex, this one was going to be very interesting to watch. It had a flexible Technic core with Technic walls clipped on, topped off by a shark tank!

Tower Kings Jay and Stani went innovative, using large tyres as suspension for the building, much like what buildings in earthquake zones use. There was Technic inside the building as well, with a high-rise skin on the outside for aesthetics. It looked good, and made sense technique-wise, but would it hold up?

Finally, Jen and Jodie created a modern art building with a strong core, but changed tactics part way through. Both ladies started from opposite ends of the building, meeting in the middle, but would the join be the tower’s downfall? There was also a bit of a failure where a section of the core had to be rebuilt – would that be a crucial issue?

On to the shaking! Trent and Josh went first. With sharks falling down at factor 3, the entire tank fell at factor 4 and stripped a wall from the core. A huge lean came in at factor 6, with failure at factor 7.

Jen and Jodie’s build had a shocking knocking sound at factor 3, and while it was solid at factor 6, it soon split in the middle and came down. Right where the join was too!

Jay and Stani lost their spire at factor 1 and there was a lot of shaking early on. At factor 5, the separation at the shock absorbers was profoud, but it was holding! At factor 6, however, the bottom split completely and the whole tower came tumbling down in a spectacular crash. The Tower Kings were dethroned!

Jackson and Alex’s build must have weighed at least 50kg, so it was a very sluggish start at factor 1. It found it’s balance at factor 6, and kept going! Factor 8 meant they took the lead, but the mechanism sounded in bad shape at factor 9. However, it lasted! They made it to factor 10 and beat the shake plate, with only a tiny visible crack appearing in their build. It turns out that solid bricks is a winning idea!

Andrew and Damian lost their wizard at factor 3, it looked pretty good at 5, and then it felt like a massive step up in shaking at 7. The entire table was moving, but it shook all the way to factor 10, leading to a tie for top spot.

Lastly, Tim and Dannii turned theirs on. At factor 2 the popcorn popping looked fantastic, but after factor 6, there may have been popcorn in the mechanism, with very bad sounds coming from it. It held strong at 8, and also went all the way to factor 10! We have a three-way tie, so it came down to aesthetics.

Jackson and Alex’s monolithic tonne of bricks was awesome, as was the ever-aesthetic Wizard tower from Andrew and Damian, but this episode the win went to a very worthy Tim and Dannii, as they used the shake to their advantage! They’ll be safe from elimination next week.

Speaking of next week, it’s 3D art! Also, the poll this week is a little different, being out of the top three towers that made it to factor 10. Who do you think should have won?

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