LEGO Masters Australia S2E6 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

We started Episode 6 with a large item under an ominous black cloth. This was the elimination build, so it was set to be a big one. With much teasing from Andrew and Damian, no special bricks were in play, so the cloth was lifted.

It revealed a picture frame with a stud lined box. This elimination build was 3D Art.

3D Art

With 12 hours to build, teams had to make something in the frame that popped out to get the right effect. Composition was key, and so was forced perspective.


Jay and Stani started out struggling to come up with an idea. This was not their forte, but after a while they came up with a New York love scene (quite surprising really). With a first kiss depicted in front of a typical NY house, it looked a little smaller with the 3D, but the detail for them lay in the brick built beam of light – using lighter colour bricks for the light, and dark greys and blacks for the shadow. It was very clever, but would it be enough? With some last minute additions, they hoped it would be.


Jackson and Alex were excited about this one – as an artist, Jackson relished the idea to do something arty and it was evident in his sketch, which looked amazing! The WA boys went with a Venus Fly Trap with tendrils coming out of the frame and flies of all sizes. Alex found some green rubbish bins that worked surprisingly well as vines, as well as green surfboard leaves. Hamish even chipped in and built a tiny little fly. At the literal last second though, disaster struck, with Jackson bumping a smaller fly trap and it dropped to the ground and shattered. With no more time left to fix it, it was devastating to watch.


Jen and Jodie went with a tiger in the jungle, leaping out of the frame, with a large bird in the sky. It was struggle town with the tiger, so they started again, going with a big octopus (kraken) attacking a pirate ship. It was a very cool idea. The ship looked great, as did the octopus, however the skull rock built in the cliff was just lost. If the skull was the classic white, it would have stood out more. It also needed big white sails to pop. Brickman mentioned that the rocks could have been left out all together.


Trent and Josh built an incredible bullriding cowboy. After some initial dramas with scale and nervousness as the bull was built lying down – would it be too heavy to lift, and fall off? – it got there. The cowboy ended up fitting after more dramas and ended up looking spectacular.


Lastly, Andrew and Damian went with a very innovative 3D Movie poster – “Munch in 3D”. They took the 3D to a very different level! Not a lot of footage was dedicated to this team tonight, but the final product was beautiful, with some amazing lettering work and big bucket scoops for Munch’s claws.

The top two teams were revealed as Jackson and Alex, and Trent and Josh, with Trent and Josh taking out their second win of the series!

Unfortunately, it did mean another team leaving the series. The bottom two teams were Jay and Stani, and Jen and Jodie. Jay and Stani just didn’t get the 3D aspect in there, plus the perspective with the car was lost, and while Jen and Jodie did, their composition wasn’t quite right. In the end, much to my disappointment, Jay and Stani were eliminated.

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