LEGO Masters Australia S2E7 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

Straight off the bat, Hamish revealed that this episode would be yet another elimination! Two eliminations in one week? That’s rough. With no golden brick to be played again by Andrew and Damian, teams were instructed to go to their benches and check them out.

Yep, studs on top, on the front, and underneath! There was also two Technic bricks stuck underneath too. What a concept.

Above and Below

This challenge was going to take the skill of all of their previous builds. With 12 hours to build, the final judging would be done from one vantage point, just like the Hero Shot challenge. This challenge has more than double the build space, so it’s a lot to do in 12 hours! Rightly so, Andrew and Damian brought the Jordy Brick into play, so we got to see Jordy as well! Brilliant.


Andrew and Damian settled on the classic beach prank – a boy with a shark fin strapped to his back, scaring innocent beachgoers. It sounded like a really cool idea, but something Brickman pointed out midway through the episode was that usually water is depicted as a thin line, especially if having to show both above and below. This time, it’d be the thickness of the table, so a section of the build would need to be technically invisible given the water.


Instead, the team decided to move the builds to the front of the table. Technically they haven’t built anything underneath. For an Above and Below build, this was probably a very big oversight.


Jackson and Alex built a giant worm attacking a 1950s street scene. With some mishaps in the underside of the worm at the start, it was a nervous beginning, but ended up looking phenomenal. With a hugely detailed and menacing head full of teeth and some stunning detail in the street scene, in particular the diner.

There was also a toxic spill – the cause of the giant worm, and a little vignette of of a subway line.


Jen and Jodie went with Santa’s Workshop at the north pole. The underside of the build looked potentially heavy, but after the hanging build, it may just be ok. I absolutely loved the nutcrackers either side. This was a great looking build.

They originally had decided to have Santa in his sleigh mid flight, but the underside took a long time to do, so they had to modify the build and add a “launching in…” sign to the front. Admittedly this could have been left off, but it still looked good.


Trent and Josh went down the comedic route, with a farmer vs a rabbit, fighting over a huge carrot. With the farmer pulling from the surface and the bunny from underground, this was going to be a very ambitious build. It was apparently 50/50 whether the farmer was going to stay standing, but stand he did! The bunny was also just as tenuous, with a drop happening not long before the end of the build, but they got it done and it looked amazing.


Finally, Tim and Dannii opted for an archaeological dig site. The brick built ‘hole’ that was very clever, and the dinosaurs underneath – a massive pteranodon and little triceratops – were beautifully done. It may not have made sense in the real world, but it sure looked cool in LEGO.


The big pop of red was hugely eye catching and there was plenty of detail underneath as well as on the surface.

The top two were set as Jackson and Alex, and Trent and Josh. Trent and Josh are on a bit of a roll, but Jackson and Alex came away with the win! Well done lads.


On to the bottom two – to me there was a no-brainer, and a bit of a shock. Andrew and Damian (golden brick in their pocket) were bottom two this week, for failing to use the underside properly. Surprisingly, the other team was Jen and Jodie, for apparently not executing the build well enough? I thought they did really well under the circumstances! Compared to the other builds, I get it. The others were pretty spectacular, but to say their execution wasn’t great was a bit of a shame.

At a huge (massive) surprise, Jen and Jodie were eliminated, with Andrew and Damian’s technical ability saving them. Now they’ve been exceptional builders but I completely and utterly disagree with this decision. They clearly didn’t use the underside of the build – the whole point of the brief! I’m baffled as to how they were saved. Maybe to keep the golden brick alive?

Also, Brickman was tearing up again, so I don’t think Brickman was in the loop about the twist! Interesting.

All hope for the ladies was not lost though, with Hamish adding a twist, asking did they have to leave?

The door rolled up and who should come through but Jay and Stani, freshly eliminated from last episode!

Retro Rebuild

The two most recently eliminated teams were going to go head to head in a build to win their way back in to the competition. In 3 hours, they needed to recreate a retro item in LEGO, at a 1:1 scale, with as much attention to detail as possible.

The other teams channelled their inner Masterchef onlookers and went to a raised platform to look on and cheer. Of the six items, Jen and Jodie went with a Polaroid camera, and Jay and Stani went with the Gameboy.


Now, the Polaroid camera was an interesting choice – with loads of angles (the big pyramid at the back), and lots of finnicky details, this wasn’t going to be easy. The girls managed to incorporate a light brick in the front in the flash and really paid attention to the details in the front, even including the Polaroid logo colours using 1×1 transparent plates.


The Gameboy was seemingly simple, being boxy, but there were so many tricky angles around the outside to get right too. Jay ended up combining lime green bricks and a transparent blue window to create that weird greeny screen colour – it was perfection. The build was about a brick thicker than the actual item though, which was tricky for the boys to remedy, but with hats for buttons and even a volume control, the finer details were on point.


In the end, the win was given to Jen and Jodie! Brilliant! It was great to see them come back in to the competition after what I thought was an unfair dismissal. So in the end, nothing changed in this elimination episode! What a roller coaster.

Next week we’re delving into Star Wars territory, with the teams building a brand new Star Wars vehicle. Why wasn’t that episode tonight of all days? A missed opportunity for a perfect Star Wars Day tie in.

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