LEGO Masters Australia S2E8 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

Time for the coolest episode of LEGO Masters Australia yet. Star Wars! It totally should have been aired last week. What a missed opportunity. Anyway, to introduce the teams to this episode’s challenge, Hamish brought in a troop of Stormtroopers. One of them even got in on the jokes and bonked his head on the door coming in! Brilliant gag.

Star Wars

The challenge for the contestants was to build a new Star Wars vehicle – Trent went absolutely nuts with excitement! It was hilarious to watch his reactions. You could almost see his heart pounding out of his chest.


The minifigure pick was back – this time there were two options from the light side, two from the dark side and one grey option. A supporting character or species. Brickman mentioned that this was purely going to be a design challenge – each side has unique characteristics and a theme, so the vehicle had to suit it, and needed to have a purpose. It also needed to look like it came from one of the movies.

The winner would be guaranteed a spot in Finals week. To top it off, Hamish mentioned there were some new parts in the brick pit, but not only that, there was another brick pit – a Star Wars brick pit!


It was nothing short of stunning – SW models everywhere and loads more parts. The teams had 8 hours to create their masterpieces, but I reckon at least 30 minutes would have been spent in the brick pit!


Starting with the most excited team – well, contestant, Trent and Josh chose the light side with Luke Skywalker. They crafted the Heavy Assault Starship, a combination of a snowspeeder, Xwing and Awing. With guns-a-plenty and heaps of details, it was highly detailed. Josh also created a very nice explosion to go with it.

It was very cool, but Brickman pointed out that Rebel ships usually did one job and not loads – they didn’t have the funds to create ships that could do lots. The ship they created was then deemed too complex. I think this was a pretty unfair call to make – while I agree that it is probably the case, I don’t think it’s necessary to penalise them for this. While it could have done without the top turret, I think it still would have fit in the movie.


Jackson and Alex chose the Dark Side, and Darth Vader, so they went with the very cool named Imperial Tempest Drop Ship – a troop carrier for the elite Stormtroopers. This one looked very cool. It was imposing – perfect for a Dark Side ship – had loads of Stormtroopers on display and the roof also opened up.

It’s a shame that the front landing gear wasn’t replicated on the back. It looked great! Also, Alex does an awesome Chewbacca impression!


Andrew and Damian chose grey with Boba Fett, so they went with the Bounty Hunter Ship – a heavily armoured combination of the Slave I and a SandCrawler. This was stunning. Not only was it the perfect colours, matching the Slave I, but it was a strange shape, was modular and completely decked out inside.


They also put some thought into the interior, separating the Stormtroopers from the Rebel Alliance characters with separate jail cells. It looked like it was taking off, and the jet propulsion looked excellent.

The one criticism I had was that I don’t think the floors were connected as well as they could have been. Either way it was spectacular.


Jen and Jodie also chose the light side – Rey as their character. They designed a really cool scavenger ship for Rey, the Rey-venger. It was done in BB-8 colours and had big wings and even had the cockpit facing down so Rey could see what she was scavenging.

The display looked great, with it towing a big AT-AT leg, complete with a lone Stormtrooper trying in vain to stop them! It’s a shame they didn’t have time to extend the display base to be underneath the AT-AT leg. I really liked this one.


Lastly, Tim and Dannii chose the remaining option – the Dark Side with Kylo Ren. They made the Imperial Blade – another very cool name! Hilariously, Dannii had no clue about anything Star Wars, so it meant a lot of directing from Tim. After some mishaps with the four bladed wings that meant extra Technic, it was finished without a stand. It was the biggest ship in the room and looked pretty menacing!


The top two were decided as Andrew and Damian, and Jackson and Alex. The winners were justifiably Andrew and Damian, but it also meant that they had to relinquish their unused Golden Brick as it couldn’t be played in Finals Week!

Tomorrow night we go underwater. Before that, let me know below who you think should have won.

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