LEGO Masters Australia S2E9 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

It’s Finals Week! This will be big. In front of Hamish was a massive brick built motorbike, and he used it to introduce this episode’s builds. Two parts – win the first and you get a perk going into the second, which was an elimination.

While Hamish was inspecting the motorbike, he “accidentally” pushed it over, causing it to shatter. Dannii correctly noted that it was hollow, with parts inside it, like a pinata.

Smash and Grab

The Brick Pit would be shut this episode – the only parts the four remaining teams have to use are the parts that are on the floor. They had 4 hours to build, but only 5 minutes to get the LEGO the needed. After 5 minutes the items left on the floor would be out of bounds.

Obviously, chaos and mayhem ensued.

Jackson and Alex went with a brilliant retro side-scroller video game. Complete with floating platforms, a snake pit and tyre swing to get across, a chainsaw pit and boss fight, plus a controller, lives left and points scored, this build was super clever.

It looks like something that would be a bit of fun to play if it was a real game. This was really clever. It’s amazing that the parts in there let them do that! It seems almost unbelievable.

Andrew and Damian built a Mayan Temple. The walls were very nicely detailed and patterned, there were some excellent little vignettes dotted around, and the centrepiece was a large minotaur with minifigure legs as grasping fingers – very clever.

Trent and Josh, sticking with their strengths, decided on a character build of an egg thief. This man in a chicken costume had a very expressive face, thanks to the bartering of Trent, and the barn and supplementary chickens were really well designed given the restrictions in parts. This one was as Brickman put it, unreal.

Finally, Tim and Dannii opted for a phoenix rising out of an erupting volcano. With bananas for feet and a lot more standard bricks, this was something out of the ordinary for the couple, but ended up looking great.

The top two were decided as Andrew and Damian, and Trent and Josh, with the latter taking out the prize with their beautiful character build. On to the main event!

Night and Day

The elimination build was a large cityscape with four empty plots. There was a plot each for residential, commercial and industrial zones, and a shared space. The builds had to show one story during the day, plus another at night.

For winning the Smash and Grab challenge, Trent and Josh got to not only pick their plot, but choose for the other teams as well! It would all be minifigure scale, and teams would get 8 LEGO lights and 12 hours to build.

Trent and Josh picked residential, and started off a little slower and uninspired compared to previous builds. There just wasn’t any emotion in their build. They initially went with scale then story, but Brickman suggested the other way around – focusing on developing the story first. They reset and went with a house for sale, but at night revealing that it was haunted. They had big plans to have a large demon appearing at night but after some issues with the mechanism to move it up they decided it had to stay there during the day too.

Brickman picked the day build apart pretty quickly – the flat roof of the haunted house and top of the house for sale weren’t thought about very well. It appeared they ran out of time. The night build looked much better, but it wasn’t Trent and Josh’s strongest performance.

Jackson and Alex were given commercial. The WA boys went with an evil mega corporation called Bricksicon Systems. Their slogan is fantastic – ‘Nothing to See Here’. The monstrous tower was looming and dark, perfect for the story of a raid during the day, and an explosion up in the tower while the corporation was working on some shady business. A news helicopter was above, hovering while a secret agent stole some secret formula. All in all, a really solid build!

Tim and Dannii got industrial and went with a large warehouse scene. By day there’s a toxic spill, but at night the scene shows a UFO rising out of the building and lots more alien encounters! Emotions were high with this team. Dannii found it difficult to get the UFO to lift correctly and Tim was super busy sorting out the rest of the design. They couldn’t even test the lift mechanism as the roof had to crumble as it went up and it took too long to reset!

The warehouse looked really good, but there were too many small issues that Brickman noticed – the big blank red walls (the team had hoped to do some graffiti on it but ran out of time), the alien fight scene that was hidden behind the white truck and a few more. In the end the UFO didn’t rise – it was catching on the wall of the warehouse! It’s a shame. I actually really liked this scene – the fences were perfect, and I would have loved to have seen the roof crumble away.

Lastly, Andrew and Damian got the shared space. After some struggles to come up with an idea, they settled on a museum. With a grand opening by day and an art heist by night, this was a beautiful build. Loads of minifigures and stories, and some beautiful detailing on the museum made for a beautiful build. In particular I liked the fountain that was lit up at night, and the gazebo with the band providing some entertainment to the crowd.

There wasn’t a winner for this round, with Brickman only announcing who was eliminated. Unfortunately it was Tim and Dannii – with a story that would have been good if the UFO had lifted, it just wasn’t enough.

Tomorrow’s episode is the last for the season, and we’ll see who is crowned LEGO Masters! It’s also the first one that I’m not able to see early to prepare an article, so I’ll be writing something in the days following with my thoughts on the whole season, but doing the final People’s Choice Poll for ultimate winner and LEGO Masters – keep an eye on the site.

In the mean time, let me know which build was your favourite.

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