LEGO Masters Australia S2E9 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

It’s the last elimination round before Finals Week and there is a big, black, ominous curtain. Funnily enough, right at the start, Dannii mentions that she reckons it’s a big water tank and scuba suits. After a dramatic call from Hamish – “Drop the curtain!” it reveals four large water tanks.

ep9 scene

The contestants had joked about it before the episode was filmed! Andrew and Damian were exempt from this build as they won last night’s build, so off they went.


The plan tonight was to build something that comes to life under water. Each of the four teams had a large round plate with studs, and a big blue curved bar over the top. This would be a technically difficult challenge, as water would flow into the hollow bricks as it submerges. LEGO floats, so there would be some physics to think about! They had 12 hours to get it done. Hopefully the contestants would use the floating to their advantage.


Jackson and Alex went with Crablantis – a massive crab with a city on it’s back – a super awesome idea! It was minifigure scale, with a shark chariot for the king (a shariot), and even James Cameron in minifigure form coming down in a submersible to check them out!


It looked spectacular dry (above, but when it was submerged it came alive – the seagrass looked excellent, and the shariot and submersible craft worked well. All of the crab puns were also very appreciated.


Jen and Jodie went with something a little more complex this round – a brick built mermaid sitting on a clamshell holding a trident. Jen and Jodie had not done character builds before, so this was going to test them. Also, the last time we saw a mermaid it didn’t work out so well for Annie and Runa. With a boxy head at the start, the mermaid soon found a bit more of an organic form, and even had some floating hair using bricks and plates attached to string. It was a great idea, but was it going to be too bouyant and stick straight up?


As it was submerged, it tipped dramatically at the back and lost a few of the big plantlife builds, and sure enough the hair floated, but did unfortunately go straight up in the air. The hair colour was fantastic, but not so the trident, in black. If the trident was in yellow, it would have been much more visible.


Trent and Josh decided on a diver fighting a colossal squid. This thing was true to it’s name – it was massive. To secure the huge head it had to be strapped to the curved beam with Technic. The bright red was superb. The old school diver was held upside down on the top of the beam and a tentacle was draped around him. The facial expressions were the most dramatic though – the diver had the wrong expression and after constant trials and changes, it ended up being back where they started!


After the initial sinking, the entire squid head lifted, but to it’s advantage it looked amazing, like it was swimming! The crosshatching in the diver’s suit with levers was noticed as being very clever, but unfortunately the mouth was not so much fighting as an expression of shock, which still makes sense to me! If a colossal squid picked me up I’d be in shock too!


Lastly, Tim and Dannii went with something similar – a pirate fighting a large octopus. The treasure chest looked great and so did the old timey pirate, but my favourite build was the octopus – it was so organic! The head shape was beautiful, and the eyes just happened to look like they were focusing on the pirate’s sword. The octopus also had a sword of his own – a swordfish!


Under water, the treasure floated up as planned, as did the hat, after a quick rescue from Diver Hamish. This was a stunning build.

ep9 contestants

This time around the call wasn’t top two and bottom two – they simply said who would make it to Finals Week. Trent and Josh got the win and were chosen first – the floating squid was awesome; followed by Jackson and Alex.

Tim and Dannii made it through (surprised they weren’t higher), but unfortunately it meant that Jen and Jodie were eliminated. It was a real shame to see them go.

Next week it’s Finals Week! The build is a big city with lights – Night and Day. It should be fun. Until then, let me know who you thought should have won with the poll below.

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