LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 Episode 1 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

Hooray! We’re all stuck at home waiting out this COVID-19 thing, but one thing can keep us going – LEGO Masters Australia is back for Season 2! Episode 1 has just aired on Channel 9, and it’s been an excellent start!

Like last year, I’ll be covering each episode with a recap, adding my thoughts on the builds and how the teams worked, and asking you what you thought of the final builds in The People’s Choice Polls. The results for each poll will be posted the following week. The polls will also go up on the BricktasticBlog Facebook page. To find out a bit more about the teams, read the introduction I posted last week.

Remember, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, this article (and all of them covering LEGO Masters) is rife with spoilers! You have been warned…

A Whole New World

The season started with Hamish and Brickman welcoming the teams to the set, as well as introducing the return of the Golden Brick, but with a difference! This year, in the now-standard massive crate, was Jordy from Season 1. He was carrying not only the Golden Brick, but another one – the Flash Jordan Brick!

flash jordy

Jordy was well known in Season 1 for running full speed between the build table and the Brick Pit. In Season 2, builders who win the Golden Brick will also win the Flash Jordan Brick – together known as the MEGA BRICK (cue dun dun duns). The Flash Jordan Brick is played at the start of each episode (if the winning team wants to), and brings in Jordy to be a runner for the team so they can stay building. This is going to be a really cool addition – I can’t wait to see it played!

The first build challenge for the teams started with a massive volcano surrounded by different islands. Each team was asked to choose an island and build. Anything goes with this one! Ryan was looking for three things – storytelling, technical ability and creativity. They had 15 hours to come up with something cool.

jay n stani

Jay and Stani created a tourist world full of skyscrapers, a rotating observation deck, and at the last minute, a roller coaster, just for fun. There was some trepidation in moving the build – the tower was enormous, and the observation deck stopped rotating during the transport!

annie n runa

Annie and Runa came up with a gorgeous Turtle Island. With greenery everywhere, a water spout and some seriously beautiful sculpting, this was my favourite of the episode. It was stunning.

trent n josh

Trent and Josh built Newtopia, an island in the middle of being terraformed by Steve, the terraforming monster. It was very clever to create an island being created!

tim n dannii

Tim and Dannii made a wizard world – the Order of the Red Wizard. It was touted as the most technically advanced build, with Tim building an octagon shaped tower, which was very nicely executed.

summer n iona

Summer and Iona struggled at the start, not knowing what to do. After some prompting from Brickman, they came up with their Dream Home, and it was nicely designed, but I felt poorly built. Many of the parts weren’t properly clicked in (use the hammer girls!), so it came tumbling down after a slight push. It was a great modern build, though, with a fantastic pool, a chandelier, and some nice interior details. The helicopter may not have left the ground though – the rotors were tiny! If only they had pushed the bricks together. Hopefully there’s some improvement next episode.

andrew n damian

Andrew and Damian created the Isle of Eyes – a fiery eyed mystery monster who lives in a cave and is worshipped by the inhabitants. It was incredibly detailed, with some amazing techniques used. A massive pagoda was the centrepiece, and featured some brilliant storytelling. The spiked cave in particular was a favourite. It also started as a black island, so the transformation was huge.

jackson n alex

Jackson and Alex started very slow, preferring to spend almost an hour designing on the iPad, but it paid off, with a Steampunk Power Station, gathering power from the flowing lava below. The fireballs were very clever, using the well-known LEGO technique of the Lowell Sphere. Brickman suggested a few layout changes, but the use of colour was exceptional – all eyes were drawn to the yellow fireball in the middle.

jen n jodie

Jen and Jodie had an underwater world (with a wave?). It was a huge colour overload, but did look very striking. Unfortunately not a lot of footage was given to the team. Hopefully they get more in future episodes.

Check out the video below from Channel 9, also available on the LEGO Masters Australia Facebook Page.

The frontrunners were mentioned by Brickman as being Andrew and Damian, and Jackson and Alex. Surprisingly, no mention for Annie and Runa! But why frontrunners and not winners? Well, that’s because Hamish gave a twist. There was enough space to build a barge and a gift. The gift needed to represent the home island, and was going to the island to the left. They also had no chance to explain their builds (even though some did get the chance).


Jay and Stani cleverly balanced a rollercoaster on their barge, and managed to have a smaller observation tower with a rotating level at the top.


Annie & Runa delivered a baby turtle in a turtle boat – this was once again beautiful. It was so organic!

Trent and Josh sent over a terraforming creature to help out, although this creature looked better than the original.

Tim and Dannii created a Gem Golem. Unfortunately Tim dropped the beautifully crafted sails after having to rush to the display table. It also looked rather busy.

Summer and Iona made a brilliant champagne bottle – very nicely shaped using SNOT.

summeriona champagne

Andrew and Damian built an Eye and an offering, so the neighbouring island could also worship the Eye. The details were stunning, especially the sails, but Brickman said they had made it all about the boat. I thought this wasn’t very fair. To me it was clear that the gift was the focus point.

Jackson and Alex made a construction team and rebuild crew, as they were delivering to Summer and Iona. Some very clever storytelling! Brickman said it looked like a LEGO set, which was a huge compliment.

Finally, Jen and Jodie sent bubbles and plants. I thought it was a little strange, but it fit the theme.


The final judging came, and there was a change in the top two – Jay and Stani edged out Jackson and Alex, but Andrew and Damian came away with the win. I still reckon Annie and Runa were robbed. That turtle was incredible.

Here’s the video from Facebook.

So, what do you think of Episode 1? I loved it! What a great start to the season. Now I want to know what you thought – vote in the poll and we’ll see what the People’s Choice was.

I’m certainly looking forward to tomorrow – LEGO Masters Australia is back on Channel 9 on Monday and Tuesday this week at 7pm.

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