LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 Episode 2 – Recap & The People’s Choice Poll

After a cracking start to Season 2 of LEGO Masters Australia yesterday, we’re rolling on pretty quickly to episode 2. This episode brings back a favourite from last season – explosions! Another big change was that the first elimination is looming – time to step it up.

Hero Shot

This was a great idea – a typical hero shot in movies is when the hero is walking away calmly while everything explodes behind them. That’s what the idea was for this challenge. Build something for that split-second shot. Explosions and craziness behind, with the hero at the front, cool as a cucumber.

hamish ryan

Each team chose a random hero – they needed to build something that made sense to that hero. They also chose an explosion effect – either chalk powder, glitter, water, or slime. Each hero also had blank faces, so they could choose the look for themselves.

The eight teams had 10 hours to build, and a giant triangular baseplate to build on. The difference with these builds is that they can’t be too secure. Surprisingly, as we learnt last year, LEGO can hold together reasonably well in an explosion.

Also, as this episode was heavily reliant on video, there’s a lot less images, but the full slow-motion glory is below, once again thanks to LEGO Masters Australia on Facebook.

annie runa

Annie and Runa were up first to choose. Runa wanted anything but glitter, and Annie desperately wanted glitter. They chose a knight, and yep, glitter! Sorry Runa.

They ended up going with the classic battle – a knight slaying the dragon. Well, almost classic – the knight decided to take the easy way out and blow it up! After a few tense moments (Runa dropped the dragon), it ended up looking pretty awesome. A favourite detail for me was the severed arm, complete with a bone poking out! There was also an eye popping out of the dragon.

My one little critique with this was that in order to make the cave explode, it had to be relatively flimsy. The way it was built made it look like it was already mid explosion. Either way, it was great, and the explosion was really cool. The dragon was definitely gone, but everything exploded all at once, so it was hard to see the detail. What was cool was the way the section of bricks fell behind the hero and shattered.

Jackson and Alex got a Bandito and chalk powder, creating the Bandito Bank Heist. There were some fantastic little details, like the bananas used in the dollar sign, the cactus, and the overflowing bank vault. There was so much to like with this one! The building facades, the water tower and the cliff too. The biggest feature that the WA boys were working on was to try to blow the hat off the hero’s head. With an intricate string mechanism to pull it off, it all came down to the explosion.

jackson alex

The display exploded like a treat, with money coming through the bank doors, a giant section of roof rolling past the hero, but the hat…it went too early, and by itself! Not only that, the string stayed on his head, kind of ruining the effect.

trent josh

Trent and Josh got a space lady and slime – what a combo. These guys created a tentacled space monster coming out of a space warehouse. With excellent details like surfboards for teeth and loads of detail, it looked very cool. The explosion was great – slime everywhere, tentacles falling down – love it.

Jay and Stani scored the Viking Queen and chalk, so they crafted a viking village, the enemy fort, with a large gate, two towers, a dragon and loads of viking-y details. I loved the pops of wood textures everywhere, and the offset tiles in the roofs that Brickman pointed out – as Jay said, they’re fragile, but man do they look good! After the massive explosion, a lot of it unfortunately remained standing! A full tower was still there, as well as the gate, and half of the other tower. What did move was the hero’s hair – it popped up just a little. The coolest thing about this explosion had to be the horse doing a flip, complete with rider. It looked brilliant!


Andrew and Damian drew the lady knight and glitter – what a combo for the guys! They went all out on the pink, with a Fairy Queen’s Palace, and the hero was an evil knight set to destroy it! It was incredibly pink, but also incredibly beautiful, with curved walls, some excellent greebling and even a domed roof.

The idea was that the Fairy Queen would stay put, but alas, that did not happen. She disappeared very quickly! The glitter looked fantastic, but my favourite shot was the big front wall slowly falling forwards behind the hero. The whole shot was described by Hamish as a serious Independence Day vibe, and he was dead right.

Jen and Jodie got a Secret Agent and the water, so went with a waterfront secret evil lair, and it looked great! There was loads of TNT everywhere, even more baddies, and stacks of detail, including a shark chomping down on some dynamite.

The explosion was seriously awesome – one guy did a pretty spectacular flip, most of the bad guys did survive, but the hero narrowly missed getting taken out by a 1×2 plate spinning perilously close to his head.

tim dannii

Tim and Danni got the space dude and slime, and went in a similar direction space-wise, with a giant tentacled space monster. The alien looked fantastic, with bright tentacles, and the ship going into it to destroy it. The explosion looked great! The ship and the alien were both obliterated, so job done.

Lastly, there was Summer and Iona. They got the samurai and the water, and built an evil shark tank lair, with a long table for discussions and plotting. Initially there were only a handful of sharks, but after some prompting from Brickman, soon they had a lot more – 77 in fact! They also added an extra character, trying to sneak away with the hero, over a very nice bridge.

summer iona

The explosion came, and the girls’ hopes were high for sharks flying everywhere. Unfortunately they had to wait! Most of the footage ended up being sharkless, until right at the last second where a lone shark dropped from the top of the frame to land squarely on the bridge and take the sneaky extra character out! It was absolutely perfect – what a hero shot!

This week’s top two teams were Jackson and Alex, and Summer and Iona. While the WA boys had an excellent build, the girls had the most perfect hero shot, which ended up getting them the win, and safety from tomorrow’s elimination.

Tomorrow we’re going to get some fairy tale builds – I can’t wait! As always, vote in the poll below and let me know who you think had the best hero shot. Also, don’t forget to vote in the poll for Episode 1 if you haven’t yet!

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