LEGO Masters Australia Week 2 – Recap and People’s Choice Polls

That went quick! We’ve seen another week of LEGO Masters Australia go by, and not one, but two eliminations. We’ve also had some pretty awesome builds in the three episodes. There’s only two polls in this one – the bridge episode wasn’t really conducive of a poll. It was all awesome!

Episode 3 – Break n Make + Apartments

This episode started off with LEGO at it’s core – get a set, build it, then break it down and build something else. The episode opened with each team having a parrot built by Brickman at their desks. Containing 1600 parts, and some being a little more obscure, they were challenged with making something else from those parts – the glorious Brick Pit was closed for the episode. Later on in the episode Hamish issued an extra challenge – the builds had to contain each and every part in the parrot – all 1600 of them. The winner of the challenge would then take an advantage through to the next build, which was an elimination.

If you like the parrot, you can build it yourself, thanks to the Brickman!

LEGO Masters - Parrot

There were some pretty great builds that came from the parrot – Jimmy & Maddy created a biker being stopped in his tracks by a brilliant little duck, Matt & Lyn came up with a kangaroo fighting a very stiff looking robot, along with a few other strange constructions, Gayan & Dinushi crafted a pretty awesome array of fairground attractions, including a swinging ship ride that looked excellent, and Kale & Bilsy really worked well together to get a big band playing some music. The facial features of the band members was very clever, especially with such limited parts.

David & G went a little further into the wedding story by building the engagement, Jordan & Miller struggled after a last minute change of plans to submit a half finished pirate ship, with Henry & Cade producing a couple of boxers controlled in a video game.

The two teams picked were Maddy & Jimmy and Kale & Bilsy, with the latter two taking out the win! It was great to see.

This all led to the second challenge – the apartments. I’m wondering if this was a cheeky nod to the upcoming LEGO Tower mobile game? It certainly fits. Lyn & Matt decided to use their golden brick, so they took a step back for the build. With three floors to build after 8 hours, there were some amazing creations.

Henry & Cade's Apartment

The strongest team in the competition, Henry & Cade, completed a stunning space station themed apartment. There was a fantastic upsized minifigure and carrot, gravity defying staircase, and even a nod to last week’s purple alien, leaking goo all through the apartment. It never ceases to amaze me how these builds can come together so quickly.

Jordan & Miller's Apartment

Jordan & Miller created a big house party that spilled into the apartment below, complete with DJ, beer pong and police! The tiled floors came up a treat.

David & G created the honeymoon suite and after party for our bridal couple. I thought it looked specacular, with a beautiful chandelier running down the centre, as well as minifigures racing pigs on a table, and the bridal couple enjoying a cheeky spa, with clothes strewn around the room.

Kale & Bilsy's Apartment

Kale & Bilsy cashed in their bonus by getting an extra hour to work on the build, but squandered it after Kale’s decision to build their own halves of an apartment. This clearly didn’t work, especially the exterior details.

Jimmy & Maddy's Apartment

Jimmy & Maddy created a crazy good haunted apartment, complete with ghosts, giant spider, and other horror film references. It was fantastic, and so good to see them come in to their own! It was so good, they ended up getting the win!

Finally, Gayan & Dinushi struggled with time in their burger bar and doctor’s surgery, running out of time to properly finish it. The colourful walls were pretty haphazard and just didn’t flow. While the burger bar looked excellent, the upper floors were too rushed. It ended up being their downfall, being eliminated from the competition.

Kale & Bilsy were also in the bottom, with Brickman giving them yet another warning to work together. Hopefully it works this time.

Episode 5 – Bridge

Welcome to the best episode yet! Each team was given a two-metre canyon, and were challenged to build a bridge. This bridge had to be self supporting, and strong enough to carry a truck across it, followed by as much weight as possible. The winner would be exempt from the elimination challenge in Episode 6. This was all about strength, not aesthetics. David & G were super excited, but the rest of the teams were a little daunted by the challenge.

The build techniques were interesting, but the real fun came in when the weights were introduced. It all started with a little (non-LEGO) truck carrying 8 kgs. This was nothing for each of the bridges, with only some minor parts creaking. Time for the big guns!

Hamish brought out a series of kettlebells. These were intended to max out the bridges until they broke, and break they did, in spectacular fashion!

Henry & Cade’s bridge had two central supports, which ended up adding to it’s downfall. The weights were too much for it, and it rotated off the supports and crashed down, maxing out at 58 kgs.

Matt & Lyn’s bridge looked good, with some sleeved Technic beams, but the centre was only made with layers of plates, and the kettlebell ended up breaking through at 34 kgs.

Kale & Bilsy’s bridge (using Kale’s ‘foolproof’ idea) was made with a lattice structure using plates. The first section was pretty easily smashed by Hamish, and after some modifications and Kale boasting that it could hold 120kg, it ended up only taking 24kgs. Next time, bridge building is better with Technic.

Maddy & Jimmy struggled with the build, going with a Jeff Bridges theme and utilising some Technic, but it fell under 34 kgs.

Jordan & Miller were amazing, after Jordan’s limited experience with engineering (it’s all about the triangles). It looked pretty, and just kept on going, all the way to a whopping 88 kgs. This was good TV. My heart was in my throat!

Lastly, there were the engineers, David & G. With Technic everywhere, a solid design and a massive A frame for extra strength, this was looking to be the bridge to beat. It kept taking kettlebell after kettlebell, but also broke at 88 kgs, ending up in a tie. Time for the aesthetics! David & G ended up taking it home, which was great to see for the home side.

What an episode! Pushing LEGO to it’s limit makes for awesome TV.

Episode 6 – Lair

In the final episode for the week, and another elimination, it was time for an evil lair, and a massive build at that. With David & G taking an episode off, there were five teams battling it out to be safe in Finals week. (Thanks to the Brickman’s Facebook Page for the images!).

Each team had a minifigure character to build their lair for, and there were some stellar constructions. It also had to be swooshable, so Hamish had a lot of fun getting into character to play with LEGO and swoosh it around the studio.

Lyn & Matt - Leprechaun Lair

Lyn & Matt had the Leprechaun, and made a very technical looking pot of gold. There was a decent amount of detail underneath, but Matt’s focus on the technical aspects of the pot meant that the details didn’t have as much time spent on them. The curved rainbow looked fantastic, as did the four leaf clover drone – the shaping on it was stunning. There was also lots of gold, which made sense.

Jordan & Miller's Genie Lair

Jordan & Miller had the Genie, and went with a very big temple style build, complete with onion domes (one of the hardest things to do in LEGO). The flying carpet looked a bit too angular, and I loved the gatling gun lamp, but the rest of the build was too big to complete for them in the 8 hour limit.

Bilsy & Kale's Robot Lair

Bilsy & Kale had a Robot’s lair, and it looked spectacular. The big robot head had a rocket hidden inside it (perfect for world domination), and there were details galore, including a launching run for the rather swooshable rocket. This one was awesome, and it was great to see them working together again, albeit under Kale’s direction.

Henry & Cade's Bumblebee Girl Lair

Henry & Cade got the coveted Bumblebee Girl, and as Henry said, they brought their bee game, not their A game. This build was stunning. The big wasp flying craft was gorgeous, and the lair was decked out with some stunning detail, including how the citizens were being kidnapped and brainwashed into working for Miss Beehave. This has been the build of the series for me so far.

Jimmy & Maddy's Cactus Girl Lair

Maddy & Jimmy got Cactus Girl, and created a Taco restaurant. Jimmy’s blimp wasn’t the most swooshable, but the lair looked excellent, with cactus designs, a logo, and a big water tank, as the story was Cactus Girl taking the world’s water. I really liked this one, but I feel the blimp let it down.

Ultimately Henry & Cade got another win, and it was time for Lyn & Matt to go home. It was a shame to see them go, but I felt that Matt was carrying the team a fair bit. Lyn appeared good with direction, but there wasn’t a lot of her own designs coming through the builds.

Next week is Finals Week, where we will see the first Australian LEGO Masters crowned, and there are sure to be more excellent builds in store. Keep an eye on your TVs, as LEGO Masters is back on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night at 7pm on Channel 9, or whenever you want on 9Now.

Get your votes in for the two People’s Choice polls this week, and I’ll share the results on Sunday!

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