LEGO Masters Finals Week Recap

The last week of LEGO Masters Australia has come and gone, and what a ride it’s been! Hopefully by now if you’re reading this, you’d have seen the final episode and would know who took out the title of LEGO Masters. If not, beware, spoilers ahead! Once again, thanks to Channel 9 for the images.

Also, I’m getting a big interview sorted with the finalists from the show, so stay tuned for that! I’ll be asking about the audition process, what filming was like, and of course, lots of LEGO questions.

Episode 7 – Blockbuster

Episode 7 started off with a focus on Hollywood blockbusters, and started off in a big way. The contestants were very excited to see Hamish enter the studio in a Delorean, all kitted out in the Back To The Future awesomeness, including an excellent Marty McFly outfit.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

The challenge was for the teams to build a Delorean with as much accuracy as possible. The Delorean has such a unique shape, with odd angles and iconic gullwing doors. The teams got stuck into it, and while most of the teams went with a small scale version, similar to the LEGO Creator Expert Vehicle sizes, one went big. Kale & Bilsy decided to go with a brick built design, and with only eight hours, they needed to get cracking.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

While it would have looked awesome had it paid off, it didn’t, with the build not even being a quarter done. We got a sense that Bilsy saw it coming, but the ever optimistic Kale had other things in mind.

The other teams all produced completed models, but with varying levels of detail and accuracy. I don’t envy them – vehicle builds like these must be so difficult.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Henry & Cade created a beauty of a vehicle, complete with a fantastic looking hoverboard, and heaps of details including opening gullwing doors. Brickman thought the shape was a little square, but nonetheless pretty good.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Jordan & Miller’s car looked good, with the shape being really good, but there were no opening doors, and for me, there were too many visible studs on the side.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Dave & G’s model was a little squat and slightly too dark, but it did have remote control and power functions was very cool.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Jimmy & Maddy ended up with a model that was also a shade too dark, and it looked fat, much like an armour plated vehicle. It would have been cool if DMC ended up making a militarised version of the Delorean, but it wasn’t to be!

Henry & Cade end up taking out the win, which means that they were exempt from the next build – movie time!

The plan for the next build, an elimination build, was to recreate a movie scene of their choosing. I thought it was a shame that Henry and Cade weren’t building in this challenge – it would have been excellent to see what they had come up with.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Jordan & Miller went with the iconic King Kong scene, where he’s atop the Empire State Building, swatting at planes. While they started slow, not touching Kong until hours into the build, it was worth it – King Kong looked phenomenal, absolutely nailing the brief. They also did it in greyscale, which made it pop.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Jimmy & Maddy went down an interesting route, choosing the bedroom scene from The Exorcist as their subject matter. While they are movie buffs, I’m not quite sure that movie was the best choice – happy family viewing after all! Jimmy ended up adding in some moving parts – the rotating head of the demon-possessed Regan, and a running priest. It looked good and they had good attention to room details, but the facial features just weren’t there, and the head rotation was far too slow.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Kale & Bilsy did the famous Titanic scene where Jack & Rose are at the front of the ship. Kale’s skill is definitely in brick built figures, but the scale was all wrong, with the figures being far too big for the ship, and Brickman noted that aside from the hair and clothes, the faces were the same. Bilsy’s mosaic sunset was also fantastic – it would have been nice getting a nod for that.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Finally, Dave & G went with Jaws. This was an absolute cracker of a build, with easily the best LEGO shark I have ever seen, underwater details and the ship. There was details in the breaking of the water around the shark that were also beautiful. I was very disappointed that this didn’t win.

The win went to Jordan & Miller, with Jimmy & Maddy going home. It was a shame to see them go – they were so keen, and it was great to see their technical ability grow!

Episode 8 – LEGO Time Train

It’s the penultimate episode, and the four teams are battling it out for a place in the grand finale episode, and a shot at the title. This was a 16 hour challenge, where each team had to build to an era – Prehistoric, Wild West, Medieval and Future, for a time-travelling train to drive through. Let’s work back from the Future, starting with Dave & G.

G was really hoping for medieval (I was hoping they would get that too), but they ended up with Future, much to G’s dismay. With a big blue section of baseplate, they went to a bit more of a dystopian feel, with the rising waters taking over the world. They went with a big oil rig, blimp and surrounding buildings, and it looked excellent! Their attention to detail was impeccable, and it ended up wowing Brickman.

Next up, in the Wild West, was Henry & Cade, and man, was this their forte. The combination of the details in the buildings from Henry and the massive canyon from Cade, paired with an excellent story was stunning to see.

Jordan & Miller had Medieval, and after a slow start that ended up with their plans on the floor, they produced a massive castle and a dragon. The dragon in particular looked excellent, contrasting in bright blue. There were a few issues with it though. A few areas had no build done, and some loose bricks that weren’t cleaned up, and it had them worried.

Lastly, with Prehistoric, there was Kale & Bilsy. Once again, they fell victim to Kale’s optimism and Kale-scale. Kale got to work building a massive dinosaur, and Bilsy got stuck into a volcano. That dino was a monster. If it had worked, it would have been great by itself, but it was certainly not minifigure scale. It ended up having to be partially scrapped, with it finishing as a head and arms, lying down. The scale issues were costly, as it eliminated them from the show, and the grand finale.

Episode 9 – Grand Finale

This is what we were all waiting for – who will win? This was the biggest challenge of the entire series. The contestants had 28 hours to build whatever they wanted. It was also special, as Fenella Charity, Senior Design Manager at LEGO, who worked on the LEGO Friends line was also in as a guest judge. As an added twist, 250 members of the public, including previously eliminated contestants were going to vote on the builds, with Brickman and Fenella each having a golden brick worth 50 votes each.

The winners trophy was also something to behold! It was pretty special. I need to talk about something else first though. Part of the way through the episode, Hamish mentioned they’d be getting a hug from a loved one, to spur them on. That was pretty special, but at the same time, it was a massive disappointment, as it wasn’t their families, but Hamish’s mum.

While I reckon Hamish is pretty funny, I don’t think it’s cool to mess with people like that, when they’ve been away from their families for so long, to tease that they might see them. I would be so excited to see my family and I reckon that could have been pretty crushing to say they weren’t coming. Anyway, back to the LEGO.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Jordan & Miller went with a big space fight – there was a massive ship, lots of smaller ships, and some seriously awesome explosions. As is normal for the lads, their time plans went out the window when they were challenged by Brickman to build off stud and try to have the ship at a crazy angle (as there’s no horizon in space). This ended up not happening as it was taking too much time, but I think it ended up looking stellar (yep, I said it). The explosions in particular were very clever. It’s difficult to do a space fight without using the transparent window elements to simulate flying, but it ended up looking great.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Dave & G created a phenomenal Theme Park. It was nothing short of spectacular! A monumental roller coaster dominated the scene, with a big ferris wheel and other smaller rides around the place. The whole thing moved and functioned perfectly. It was certainly my favourite of the whole series. There were a few challenges at the start when Brickman asked if the coaster and the ferris wheel could be bigger, so there were some issues with scaling up, but it was amazing to see it finished. The green pillars of the coaster were criticised by Brickman as being too much green, but with a coaster that size, I don’t see how any colour would have been better.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

Lastly, Henry & Cade played to their strengths in mechs and sculpture in creating a mind-blowing Poseidon errupting out of a wave to battle a sea serpent over a Greek warship. While it had no moving parts, the sculpture was breathtaking, and the storytelling in it was perfectly executed. It was a shame they didn’t use the full size of the baseplates, but the section they did build with looked incredible. You can also check it out yourself at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Chadstone, Victoria.

LEGO Masters Australia - Finals Week

After the voting was done, it was decided – Jordan & Miller came in third, Dave & G in second place, leaving Henry & Cade as winners and LEGO Masters. It was great to see, but I wished that my hometown heroes got the win too. Either way, I have no doubt that we can call all three finalist teams LEGO Masters. The final builds were unreal.

Thanks for following the show with me – it’s been a lot of fun! You can read my weekly recaps for Week 1 and Week 2. If you want to catch up on the episodes, you can stream them on 9Now.

Also, LEGO Masters Australia has been renewed for Season 2! Hooray! Casting is now open. If you or someone you know would like to apply, head over to to apply.

  • Applications are open to Australian residents or citizens  
  • You have to be available for one day between early August to early September, 2019 for a potential audition with producers.  
  • You must be available for approximately 10-12 weeks for shooting, supposedly to take place between October and December 2019. 

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