LEGO Releases details of LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series

Holy tiny people Batman! LEGO today released the lineup for the collectible minifigure series from The LEGO Batman Movie, and there’s 20 of them! There are some pretty fantastic looking ones, and it gives a bit of an idea of who will be coming up in the movie as well. Here’s the list, starting with the back row:

  • Mime
  • Zodiac Master
  • Catman
  • March Harriet
  • Calculator
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Clan of the Cave Batman
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Eraser
  • Glam Metal Batman
  • Orca
  • Fairy Batman
  • Nurse Harley Quinn
  • Red Hood
  • Arkham Asylum Joker
  • Lobster-Lovin’ Batman
  • Dick Grayson
  • Pink Power Girl
  • Vacation Batman
  • King Tut

I’m super excited about these ones, in particular Vacation Batman (check out that rubber ducky ring!), Nurse Harley Quinn, and Lobster-Lovin’ Batman, for the lobster. It’s fantastic! I can’t wait. They’ll be hitting shelves in January 2017, and start saving now, because according to a few sources, they’ll be $6 each!