LEGO Stranger Things Teasers!

After some cryptic teasers popping up on social media over the last couple of weeks, LEGO has gone big and dropped some detail on LEGO Stranger Things!

We’ve had the upside down event page teaser, set for Wednesday May 15 (set your clocks people!), which will be the release of the set, and a signing by LEGO Designer Justin Ramsden. We also know it’ll be set at
£179,99, which should equate to around AU $350.

There’s been the yellow phone tweet, the LEGO Instagram post, a reply tweet by Netflix, and now, there’s this video on Facebook.

There’s no mistaking that! With Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Will Byers and the Demogorgon clearly visible, this set is very highly anticipated. Stay tuned for more information when I get it!

What do you want to see in the set? Let me know in the comments!