LEGO Teases 21315 Pop Up Book on Twitter

After a big leak this week, LEGO Ideas has tweeted a teaser video of 21315 Pop Up Book on Twitter.

It features the cover of the book, all closed up, with the Big Bad Wolf popping out of the book and appearing in a nice close up. Since BBW makes an appearance, it’s looking like we’re getting a Little Red Riding Hood story, just like the original submission.

He looks fantastic with some new printing on his head (lipstick and gold glasses), and wearing Granny’s ripped up pyjamas.

I’m ridiculously excited about this release, since creating my own bigger versions after seeing the initial LEGO Ideas project submission. This will be a set worth getting multiple copies of, to build custom versions.

More details confirming all of those rumours of 21315 will be coming very soon.

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