LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Review


Disclaimer: This trip was not funded by LEGOLAND Malaysia at all. My wife and I paid for our LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel accommodation in full.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel

I’m a pretty lucky bloke. Not only does my wife allow me to fill up a room and a bit of LEGO in our home, as well as enjoying building with me, but for my 32nd birthday and our wedding anniversary, she organised a trip to Singapore and LEGOLAND and two nights at the LEGOLAND Hotel! The Hotel is a new addition to the Theme Park and Water Park, having it’s official opening in November 2013, with the Parks being opened a year earlier in 2012. All in all, they’re relatively new. They’re definitely new to me. I’ve been in the same city as some before, but never had the chance to go!I’m also going to be publishing two more reviews, one each on the Theme Park and Water Park, so check those out over the next two Mondays.

 Getting there
The Theme Park’s website has some highly detailed information on how to get there, including a detailed map. We came from Singapore, and took a bus from the Singapore Flyer (Ferris Wheel) across the border. It was pretty simple, and once you’re in Malaysia, it takes around 20 minutes to get to the Hotel and Parks. This is a hotel like no other (well, apart from the other LEGOLAND Hotels around the world). It’s bright, colourful and appears to be built with some oversized LEGO! It’s fantastic. It was undergoing a repaint, as the weather is quite harsh, but it was still extremely vibrant! I did think it was pretty funny that the bloke painting had a harness on, but wasn’t clipped on to anything! Points for effort, I guess.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Entrance

Painting the LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel

The prices for hotel rooms are always changing, so the best way to figure out the price is to head to the website and look for yourself. To give you a bit of an idea of our experience, we had the following:

  • Two adults, two nights in a Pirate themed room (I’ll get to this in a minute)
  • Buffet Breakfast (all packages include breakfast)
  • Two day combo ticket (entrance to both the Theme Park and Water Park over two days)
  • Car to Changi Airport, Singapore
  • Buffet Dinner for two

We ended up paying AUD$750 all up. It’s steep, but worth it.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Entrance

The Lobby
After admiring the outside of the building for a while, it’s time to head in. One of the first things I noticed as I was heading in was the brick-built dragon guarding the entrance, and the oversized minifigures. They’re fantastic, but something about the minifigures caught my eye.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Statues

A rare photo of me!
​The hands are all upside down! It looks weird, and unfortunately they can’t be turned. Every time I walked past them (there’s some at the back entrance, heading into the parks too) it immediately drew my eye. However, all the worries go away as soon as you walk into the lobby. Take a look for yourself in the 360 degree photo below. There’s more to come!

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Lobby #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

​The lobby is easily the best lobby I’ve ever seen in any hotel anywhere in the world, mainly because it’s full of LEGO, big and small! I really couldn’t help but giggle like an idiot as soon as I walked in! On the left and right as you walk in are a LEGO pirate ship bow and a LEGO Castle. They both look like LEGO, are covered in brick-built creations, such as minifigures, trolls, and more. Not only that, but there’s also characters on the edge of the roof, and hanging off it too.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Lobby

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Lobby - Pirate Ship

​It’s really amazing. Not only that, but both the ship and castle are surrounded by massive brick pits full of 2×4 bricks. There’s cushioned seating all around the pits, and kids and adults alike were busy building their own creations. I noticed that a popular theme amongst all builders were either swords or guns, so while we were waiting for our transfer to the airport, I got stuck into building a big flaming sword.
LEGO Sword - LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel

LEGO Sword - LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel

 It was brilliant fun. It ended up being quite flimsy at the handle, so I created some small stands to cradle it in. Each and every day, Hotel staff are on the lookout for great models, and will display some of their favourites on the back shelf behind the reception and concierge desks.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Reception

​Checking in was really simple and smooth, and the staff are very helpful in explaining everything. It was pretty hard to concentrate though, with all the distractions! One last distraction was the huge wall of minifigures behind the desks. It’s enormous, chock full of minifigures, and has another large brick-built minifigure riding a bike up and down!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Minifigure Wall

The bike wasn’t made of LEGO, but the wheel hubs were magnifying glasses, so the minifigures behind it could be viewed easily. I did try to pull one off, but they’re stuck there. A question I recieved on the BricktasticBlog Facebook page was how many were there? Well, I did try to count them, but there were too many. Instead I asked some staff, and they said there were 12,528 minifigures in total. It’s pretty impressive!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - LEGO Shop

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - LEGO Shop

On the opposite side of the lobby to the reception desks are a couple of shops. One is full of LEGO sets, so you can still spend your hard earned cash on LEGO even after the parks have closed, and the other has some more of the limited edition sets, like the seasonals, as well as some apparel and foam toys for the kids in the shape of Ninjago weapons. They’re pretty good fun! Something that I found extremely useful was the fact that the shop staff were willing to head into the park stores to get specific sets for you that weren’t stocked in the hotel stores. We had a bit of Malaysian money left over, so I thought I’d get rid of it on one more set. The problem was that I couldn’t get back into the park myself – my pass had run out! LEGOLAND staff to the rescue! All I needed to do was give the cash to a staff member, they’d pick it up (and any change) and deliver it to you in the lobby. It was fantastic service, and meant I got a copy of 21305: Maze last minute!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Kids Play Area

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Kids Play Area

​The last few things on the ground floor are a couple of activity areas for kids (and their families). The one closest to the main lobby area wasn’t used when we were around, but there were regular build events happening, presumably in that area. The other area included a large amount of foam LEGO 2×4 bricks, about the size of a standard house brick. They had some pretty decent clutch power, and the kids were building some pretty great creations, including a big fort. Also in this area were some massive LEGO trees, similar to what you’d see in many sets released. There was also an X-Box for the kids, and regular movies were shown here most nights of the week.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel Lifts

​On top of all this were some rather comfortable LEGO shaped couches, and a couple of restaurants, but I’ll get into those later. Finally, there’s the lifts. Now normally hotel reviews wouldn’t include the lifts, but these weren’t any standard lifts. When the doors opened, you are greeted to full wall decals of minifigures dancing. As soon as a floor button is pressed, the doors close, and the discoball starts up, complete with disco music! Yep, it’s a dance party every time you step in a lift, and it was contagious. Each and every time my wife and I stepped into a lift, we had a bit of a boogie. It was great fun, and kids were getting into it too, after they got over their shyness! Being able to step out of a lift with a smile on your face is something that every building should do.​The Rooms

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Pirate Floor

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Adventure Floor

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Kingdom Floor

​There are three themes to the rooms, with two floors dedicated to each – Pirate, Adventure, and Kingdom. Adventure is based around Egypt, following the adventures of Johnny Thunder. CONFIRM, with Kingdom and Pirate being obvious. We were lucky enough to stay in a Pirate room, on the 5th floor. The Pirate rooms are by far the most popular, and for good reason – they are brilliant!

LEGOLAND Malaysia Pirate Room #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Our Pirate themed room at LEGOLAND Malaysia, for those of you who asked. 🙂 it’s been a very wet day, but still great! #lego #legoland #legolandmalaysia #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

​Each and every room in the hotel has bunkbeds for two kids, and a rollout bed for a third if need be, plus a separate room for the adults, with a massive and comfy king sized bed. The beauty, though, is in the decorations. There’s stunning carpet, complete with a big LEGO octopus, treasure and swords, pirate striped doona, a nautical feel to the whole room, full wall decals, and LEGO scuptures everywhere, including the bathroom. We had a skull and sword, pirate hat, monkey, spider (in the bathroom!), and some insects. Both kids and adult rooms have a TV, and WiFi access. Also, there’s a pretty standard minibar, and cupboard space for storing some bags.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Pirate Floor - Doors

​Just in case you were wondering, the difference between the standard room that we were in and the premium rooms is the view. Stay in the premium rooms for a pretty great view of the parks.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Safe

​In each room in the hotel is a treasure chest with a combination lock. Find the clue sheet on the desk, solve the questions (they’re pretty basic – count the swords on the carpet etc), and open the safe to reveal some LEGO treasure! We got a Star Wars minifigure polybag, a Nexo Knights minifigure box, and some large Duplo stickers. Not much, but still fun to get!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Safe Presents

​The beauty of this hotel is the small details. The carpet, sculptures, even the brick built lights in the hallway all make it such a special time for kids and adults alike.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Low Sink

​There’s even a lower basin and mirror for the kids in the bathroom. The shower is pretty great too! Good pressure, tall, and lots of space. The toiletries are wrapped in LEGO branding, but aren’t branded themselves, however the soap is kind of shaped like a LEGO brick.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Soap

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Box of Duplo

​It does say on the website that there is a box of LEGO to build with in each room. There is, but it’s DUPLO, so don’t get too excited, unless you’re a big fan of DUPLO, or have small kids!
​There is also a pool on the 5th floor, perfect for cooling down after a warm day in the parks. It’s got a pretty great view of the parks too.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Pool

Time for some food. There are a couple of food options in the hotel itself, and they’re a mixture of pretty tasty, and not too bad. Firstly, there’s the Bricks Family Restaurant.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Bricks Restaurant

LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Bricks Restaurant

​This is where you’ll have the buffet breakfast every morning, and the buffet dinner if you paid for it. We had the dinner on the first night we were there, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. For a Malaysian buffet dinner spread, it was all pretty tasty. Something I had never come across was a bar where you could make your own noodle dishes, akin to the typical breakfast omelette station. It was quite clever. The staff were very helpful in explaining the process, and although I didn’t actually try any (I was pretty full from trying everything else), it looked good.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Bricks Restaurant

​There’s a pretty good mixture of Asian and Western dishes, as well as lots of fresh salads, fruit, and even some desserts. As this is a hotel pretty much centred on the kids, there’s a great ice-cream/cake decorating station, where the kids can pile their plate with loads of sugar in various forms. There’s marshmallows, chocolate, M&Ms, and more. I didn’t have a go, but it looked like a lot of fun.
​Apparently there’s the Skyline Bar, which is in the same location as the buffet restaurant, but I couldn’t find it. It’s a little misleading as it sounds like it’s a separate venue, as somewhere that parents can go to escape for a bit, but it’s really not, as the buffet area is noisy, especially during meal times.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Bricks Restaurant Table Setting

​What is great about the buffet restaurant is the decorations. There are LEGO sculptures everywhere, more decals on the shelving, and even the tables have a colouring in sheet table cloth and crayons for the kids (big and small!), and a LEGO made salt and pepper shaker tray. Once again, you can’t escape the bricks! Not that you’d want to, if you’re staying in a place like this hotel! The crayons and table cloth are actually quite useful, as over breakfast, we used it as a shopping list, tallying up the price differences between Australia and Malaysia. We ended up scribbling all over it!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Bricks Restaurant

​Speaking of breakfast, it’s served in the same place. The breakfast food isn’t as great as the dinner, and there seemed to be more Asian dishes than Western. The eggs were quite good, but there were some pretty weird looking dishes, and obviously no bacon, as LEGOLAND is 100% Halal. I didn’t mind the breakfast, but I’m sure there are other pickier eaters that wouldn’t be impressed. Waffles and pancakes for instance, are there, but they’re a little tough and chewy. There’s a lot of cereal choices, and plenty of fruit and other items to choose from though. Importantly, the coffee is quite decent!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Di Mattoni

​Di Mattoni is the other option. It’s noted as being a “fun” Italian restaurant, and the food here is delicious. It’s much quieter, and looks to be much more of a typical restaurant. There’s a wide range of Italian cuisine, and I can highly recommend the pizzas. They’re huge, and quite tasty! There’s also LEGO in here, in the form of a big mosaic that’s slowly being pieced together by restaurant goers. It’s good fun, and something I’ve seen in many other places.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel - Minifigure Swap

One final thing I forgot to mention! Throughout the hotel and the parks, you’re able to participate in a minifigure swap. Every staff member has a LEGO badge, and most of them will have a minifigure attached to them. If that minifigure is one that you like, you can offer a trade, and the staff members are obliged to say yes! You’ll need to trade with a full minifigure, that’s legs, torso, head and hair/hat. Sometimes you’ll be able to get away with a bald character, but only if you ask nicely! I managed to do it a few times inside the hotel, and came away with four new ones! They’re a bit of a mish-mash of a few others, but I’m still happy. So, be sure to bring some spare minifigures with you. You never know what you’ll be able to trade!
LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel

​So, wrapping up, the hotel is a great experience. Sure, it’s pricey, but well worth it. We ended up paying about $750 all up, but bear in mind that it includes the park tickets, hotel, breakfast, and transfer to Changi. As a LEGO fan, it’s brilliant being able to be surrounded by LEGO 24/7, in every room you see, and it adds to the fun experienced in the parks during the day. Having a hotel that close to the parks is also a brilliant option, as you can wander back and forth, instead of having to have everything with you at once. If of course, you’re at the parks for a day trip, then that’s a different story! I would highly recommend anyone to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel.
LEGOLAND Malaysia - Entrance

Yep – this is what we look like!
Next week I’ll be looking at the Theme Park, followed by the Water Park the Monday after that.If you’ve been to or are planning a trip to the Hotel, please let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear someone else’s opinion. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them too. I’d also love to know how the other Hotels around the world compare!

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