LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park Review


Disclaimer: This trip was not funded by LEGOLAND Malaysia at all. My wife and I paid for our LEGOLAND Malaysia tickets in full.
It’s the last week of my three week review series on my recent trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia. Last week I looked at the LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park, with the week before looking at the Hotel. This week it’s the Water Park’s turn. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy for me to walk around with my camera and still enjoy the park, so I had the GoPro instead. Not as many photos, but I got as many as I could! Sorry about the water droplets on the lens!
​I felt that the Water Park was a lot more hidden away than I was expecting. If you’re coming out of the hotel like us, It was in the opposite direction to the Theme Park, down a long driveway. It wasn’t very obvious, and we had to ask for directions from the Theme Park entrance. It’s much smaller than the Theme Park, and slightly cheaper, setting you back RM100 for a day ticket. That would have been around AUD$35 when we were there, but we had the two day combo ticket, so it was all rolled into one.
​It’s not a huge park, like I said, but the good thing about a water park is that it doesn’t have to be. The slides can be done again and again, and if you’re not a slide person, then lazing in a pool somewhere is just as good. Still, there’s eight slides, a wave pool, a couple of fun water playgrounds, and a very special lazy river all crammed in, so there’s a good choice of attractions.
Food and Amenities
Let’s take a look at the food options first. There are a couple of restaurants, both located near the front of the park. The Brick Bay Cafe and the Beach N Brick Grill are the options, and while we didn’t eat anything in the water park, the food still looked reasonable. Sure, it’s no fancy cuisine, you’re in a water park after all, but it’s amazing how hungry you can get after swimming all day, and climbing the inevitable stairs that lead to the slides.

​There are handy places to keep your shoes or thongs, as well as a few body driers around the place that will get you a little drier for RM10. It’s warm air, so don’t expect to be refreshed and cool after. You’re just going to end up warm and damp!

LEGO Wave Pool

The first attraction you’ll come across is the LEGO Wave Pool. It’s a great spot to sit, relax, and soak up some rays, but make sure you bring some sunscreen – you’ll be out in the sun 99% of the time. The Wave Pool isn’t very deep, so great for kids, and the waves are more of a little ripple than proper waves. There’s certainly no breaking waves! There are even hireable cabanas that are lockable, so perfect for keeping personal items. As it’s a LEGOLAND Water Park, there’s plenty of LEGO sculptures dotted around the place, including some mermaids on the back wall of the Wave Pool.

The Slides

​Ok, let’s take a look at the slides. There’s eight of them, and they’re all slightly different. There are dark ones, open air ones, more intense ones, and some tamer ones. A good mix for adults and kids of all ages. Some are also solo ones on your back, as well as ones with solo tubes, double tubes, and a big 6 person raft. We didn’t get to do all of them as some were closed, but we got a fair few in. One thing I will say is don’t wear cotton. If you’re wearing a t-shirt or skirt over your bathers for modesty, the ride supervisors will ask you to take them off as you’ll get stuck. Just hold on to them, or take them off and leave them in a locker at the front gate, or in your cabana. The same goes for waterproof cameras, so no Go-Pros, as I found out,as well as water resistant watches. I still managed to take a few photos around the park, but there’s no videos of us going down a slide, sorry.
​The first slide is the Splash & Swirl. We didn’t get to do this one as it was closed, but it’s the bright orange one. You head down in a double tube with another person, or by yourself. Half way down you go round and round in a big bowl before going down the middle. I quite like these ones, so it’s a shame it was closed.
​The Brick Blaster is the red and yellow striped one. This was one was fantastic. It’s a two person raft slide in the open air, with two large closed sections that push the raft all the way up the walls. We really enjoyed it, and kept coming back for more.
The next two, the Wave Rider and the Tidal Tube are quite similar. They’re both meant to be on your back, but there’s one difference. The wave rider is an open slide, while the Tidal Tube is in the dark. I really enjoyed this one. It was probably my favourite slide. You go quite fast, and in pitch darkness, it’s a blast!
​The Twin Chasers are two smaller enclosed slides that are great for races, with the Splash Out and Red Rush next to them. These two were closed for us, so we didn’t get to go on those.
​The last slide is the LEGO Slide Racer. These are six slides side by side that are with forward facing mats. These are brilliant fun.
​The last thing to do at the back of the park is the Build a Boat. There are floating LEGO ship hulls, with a bunch of LEGO nearby. Build up your boat and then send it down the flowing river and make sure it doesn’t capsize! I wasn’t very good at it and it capsized halfway down. Still lots of fun though.
​There’s a bunch of fun things to do at the front of the park, and it’s perfect for the little kids (and the big ones too!). There’s the Duplo Splash Safari, a really nice little kid’s paddling pool full of large scale Duplo animals…
​Next up is the Joker Soaker. Now not only is it a fantastic playground in a paddling pool – seriously, it’s brilliant. There’s bridges, tunnels, ladders and lots of water splashing around everywhere. Not only that, but there’s also the bucket.
​I love these things, and this one is a good one! As it sits there it fills up, and then when it gets to a certain level, it tips over, sending water flying everywhere, and I mean everywhere! There is an absolute ton of water! You could almost say there’s a bucket load. 😀 Our first experience with the bucket was sitting down. There is an absolutely insane amount of water! We couldn’t believe that this was in an area for kids. Check out the POV video to get what I mean…
​I thought it was so much fun I thought I’d do it again, but standing up. There’s still a lot of water! A young bloke next to me got bowled over!
The last thing in this area is the Build a Raft. This is a typical lazy river kind of deal. Sit in the tube and just float around the loop enjoying the day, but this is LEGOLAND! It needs something special. Floating throughout the river are foam LEGO bricks, just like in the Hotel. There’s 2×2 and 2×4 varieties, and the clutch power is pretty significant. Significant enough that we managed to build a half decent raft. Both my wife and I were able to jump on with varying degrees of flotation.
It held up for a couple of minutes, and then after I tried jumping on it myself (after it had flipped). It held for a few seconds and then completely disintegrated under me!
 It was raining at the same time, so this was a fantastic way to spend the end of the day, and the end of our LEGOLAND experience. The mixture of warmer water with cold rain was simply amazing, and lazily taking a couple of laps going around the ride was beautiful.
​Finally, there’s the shop. It’s another chance to spend a bit of your hard earned cash on some more LEGO sets and paraphernalia before heading back to the hotel, or home.

Well, that’s it for the massive LEGOLAND experience review! It’s been a lot of fun writing this, and I  hope you got as much out of it as I hoped you would! Let me know of your experiences, and if you’ve been to any other LEGOLAND around the world, I’d love to hear about it.

Next week I’ll be diving back into the standard set reviews, with the latest modular building, 10251: Brick Bank!

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