The Lighthouse Hits 10,000 Supporters

Robert Bontenbal has done it again! For the second time in a week in the Third LEGO Ideas Review Stage for 2017, one of Robert’s projects has reached 10,000 supporters. Last week was Boat House Diner, and this week it’s The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse - LEGO Ideas

I particularly like this model – there’s so much to look at! Balconies, railings, verandahs and more all mean a beautifully designed model with something for everyone. My favourite detail is the painter on the roof of the verandah.

The Lighthouse - LEGO Ideas

It’s such an interesting model, and is up against some serious competition, with Boat House Diner and Pop-Up Book in the mix as well. I’m very hopeful that we get multiple approvals this round! So far, I want all of them to go through!

You can read more about the project, along with more photos, on the project page at LEGO Ideas. There are a few very interesting projects coming close to the 10K mark, including another one by Robert – I wonder if it will get through with these two?

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