LiteUp Blocks: Let there be light!

LiteUp Blocks Streetscape 1

LiteUp Blocks. (2014). Streetscape 2 [Image]. Used with permission.
After building the Sydney Opera House, I wanted to modify it slightly. Being such a great showcase set, there had to be something I could add to it! That’s when I found out about LiteUp Blocks. Based in Hong Kong, LiteUp Blocks offer different styles of blocks with LEDs that can be incorporated into builds. They have 2×3 and 2×4 bricks in both white and colour transparent, 1×4, 1×6, 1×8 and now 1×10 plates in white and amber (the LEDs are underneath the plates, so great for interior roof lighting), studs, and even lamp posts! Check out the pictures below for a better idea.

LiteUp Blocks Streetscape 2

LiteUp Blocks. (2014). Streetscape [Image]. Used with permission.

LiteUp Blocks Interior setup

LiteUp Blocks. (2014). Interior [Image]. Used with permission.
The studs and lamp posts come with 2 power options: USB or battery pack, the bricks have a battery in them, and the bars are USB powered. They are incredibly bright, and well worth getting! Prices range from USD$1.50 for the studs and smallest bars, to USD$5 for the lamp posts.

LiteUp Blocks Light Up Bar 1x4

BricktasticBlog. (2014). LiteUps [Image].
These are bound to make any set look fantastic. I’ll be getting some more for sure! Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I get the Opera House back before I can try them out, but I’ll be sure to post the results.
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