Making Dinosaurs out of Dinosaurs (Part 2)

Last week I kicked off the first LEGO Dinosaur Fossil Workshops at my library in Fremantle, and I wrote an article about what we did, and what everyone built. As promised, here’s part two!

Instead of going through the whole description again, I’ll let you read it in Part 1 and get stuck into it. There was another group of excited families, all raring to get stuck into some LEGO design! As we did last week, I got them all to build their name. This time around we had some interesting designs!

In particular, I loved Rorik’s, who stood his up. Chloe and Zahra had some nice letters using the tail elements as well. All in all, a good start! Onto the dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus rex (Ali & Matt)

This was an interesting process to watch. I love the shape of the legs and the teeny tiny arms. The head reminds me of a snake! A new breed – the Snakeosaurus rex?

Triceratops (Jaxon)

This was an awesome solo effort, and I love that there’s aspects of a few different animals in here! What started as a triceratops ended up with characteristics of a lion and a mean looking baboon. The face looks fantastic, and the almost crouching position was very unique. Nice work Jaxon!

Parasaurolophus (Rorik & Zahra)

One of the iconic dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, this was a great attempt at a pretty tricky dinosaur! The head shaping was fantastic (nice work Zahra), and I love the little arms raised above it’s shoulders! It was precariously balanced thanks to that long tail.

Velociraptor (Chloe & Tom)

I loved this one. Chloe and Tom created a brilliant raptor, which was also pretty big! the long tail helped to counterbalance that big (but stunning) head expertly crafted by Dad. The feet were spot on – the big claws of the Velociraptor are a big identifier of the dinosaur.

Dad also had a bit of time to make a baby one!

Thanks again to everyone who came to the session. There’s one more installment to go! Remember, if you’ve built your own dinosaur from the parts in 21320, let me know and you can get it featured.

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