A Marvellous Modular MOC

Modular by Gerald Cacas

It’s been ages since I’ve shared an excellent community MOC from Flickr. I came across this Modular MOC about a week ago, and it certainly fits the bill. There’s so much to look at! It’s colourful, highly detailed, and I love the cutaway wall idea. It makes everything so much more visible. I love it.

Modular Interior - Gerald Cacas

It’s built by Gerald Cacas, and doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of views or faves as it deserves, so why not take a look at it, and give Gerald an encouraging comment or two! It’s brilliant. I particularly love the detail behind the TV, the bed, and the garden outside – that roof is fantastic. Very modern!

Modular Top Down - Gerald Cacas

Check out his other work on Flickr.  It will keep you entertained for hours!

If you’ve seen (or have built) an excellent Modular MOC, leave me a comment or send me a photo. I’d love to see it! While you’re at it, submit an entry for the LEGO Re-Theme Challenge! It’s on for another two weeks.

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