Microscale Mastery

Microscale Old Fishing Store

I’m a massive fan of the Old Fishing Store and was amazed at the amount of detail included. This microscale Old Fishing Store MOC steps it up and shrinks it back all in one hit! I came across it on the @PlaywellStudio Instagram account. Apparently it’s by a builder called Simon NH. Well, Simon NH, I love your work! The amount of detail packed into this build is incredible, with some brilliant parts usage and build techniques.

The upside down bricks as the balcony is phenomenally clever, and I love the detail techniques in the roof section. The use of a red minifigure hand as the lobster is spot on too. Everything about this is awesome – the colours are perfect too. Look at this from a distance and you’ll swear it’s the full scale Old Fishing Store!

Check out the @PlaywellStudio Instagram account for other microscale mastery. It’s very inspiring!

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