Minions, Minions, Minions! Reviewing the Minions Sets

LEGO 4+ sets are excellent beginner sets – very simple instructions, larger pieces for little hands. However, what’s intriguing about the Minions sets are the Minions themselves! Let’s have a quick look at the sets. I took a look at three of the 4+ sets, and an Accessories pack, all based on the 2022 movie Minions: The Rise of Gru.

75546 Minions in Gru’s Lab

87 pcs | AU $29.99 | US $19.99

This set was a nice surprise, with some good parts inclusions – namely a small orange corner slide and a red sloped roller-coaster track. This set also includes two Minions – Otto and Kevin. The shorter, fatter Otto looks great but the highlight here for me is absolutely the black hairpiece, connected to Otto’s head by a stud. I think these might look interesting on minifigure heads. I originally thought that Kevin’s hair was  a plant stalk, but it’s a unique part. I like the use of round 1×1 tiles for eyes on their goggles. The headband also looks really good, as a dual mould.

The build is quick, all based on the 8×16 medium azure base. It’s a pretty random looking base to be honest. If it’s actually based on the base (which I somehow doubt), it looks haphazard and quite fun. A slide ending in bananas – a Minion’s favourite thing, a portion of a rollercoaster track, some posters, and a washing machine with a couple of minions going for a ride.

The items in the set are all printed, and they look really good. The washing machine in particular is awesome, and it spins thanks to a frictionless Technic pin. The rollercoaster seems a bit pointless, but it’s fun, and the crazy cart that sits on it is equally as fun to look at, with it’s big rocket boosters. It also sits nicely on the track, but can’t stay on as it just slides off.

It’s a weird one, but little LEGO fans are sure to like it.

75547 Minion Pilot in Training

119 pcs | AU $44.99 | US $29.99

Planes and LEGO are always fun, just inviting people to zoom around the room with their new creation, and this one, being a 4+ set is exactly that. This aircraft is comically shaped, with a fat fuselage and short stumpy wings and tail. The two Minions include Stuart in a pilot’s uniform, and Bob, with his two different coloured eyes. Stuart has a bag of peanuts first seen in 21324 123 Sesame Street, and Bob has a blaster shooting green icecream? That’s odd. Maybe it’s peas?

The build is actually kind of fun and works well. I’m super excited about having more aircraft parts, as well as the engine housings, which I haven’t seen for a while. The coloured striping along the plane works well, and I like the cargo bay door at the back.

Inside the plane, accessible by taking off the front section and the roof, there’s a basic cockpit and seat, and a simple passenger area separated by a lattice fence. The Minions can’t sit down, but they can stand on the seats. I think it’s also cute that there’s also a toilet with some pink toilet paper. There’s certainly no privacy though!

For sets like these, there’s no real need for accuracy – this is more just for fun, and I reckon it’s fun.

75550 Minions Kung Fu Battle

310 pcs | AU $59.99 | US $39.99

Up third, there’s the more detailed set, and this one is really great.  With some links back to the incredibly popular Chinese New Year sets, this was a really nice surprise to get. Bold colours and three Minions meant a lot of fun!

The three Minions included are Otto, Kevin and Stuart, all already seen in the sets before. Otto (the big one) looks good in his blue overalls, with Kevin and Stuart appearing  in an orange suit very reminiscent of The Bride’s suit from Kill Bill, complete with the stripes down the side.

There’s a nice little Chinese Dragon held by Kevin and Stuart, complete with articulation, a nicely detailed head with some familiar techniques in the gold frogs and leaves, and some stickers for scales. The building is where it all happens though. With some serious Chinese New Year vibes, there’s a couple of training areas each side, one with a couple of splat gears thrown in for good measure.
The combination of red, gold and teal is just stunning. The fence elements at the back in the wall are  really well done, but that roofline – beautiful. I love that I have more bananas in odd colours too.

This set also has a bit of a play element. Press down on the centre dark tan plate and the back shoots up, forcing the back walls to separate and throw whoever is in the back forward.

This was a fun set to build, and wouldn’t look too bad as an extension to the CNY display.

40511 Kung Fu Training Accessories Pack

54 pcs | AU $24.99 | US $14.99

Finally, there’s the little Accessories Pack. There’s not a lot to it, with four minifigures – Gru, Bob, Kevin and Belle Bottom, the leader of the Vicous 6 – and a battle dummy. Gru looks good, although isn’t Gru a kid when this movie is set? He should have the kid legs – at least the middle sized ones. The minions are nice, but not unique, but Belle looks great, especially with the big afro hair. The weapons they have look great too – a dagger (actually a sai) for Bob, a big spiked club for Kevin, a fancy hammer for Gru and Belle has a gold chain. I do like that it’s another way to get that unique hair piece of Kevin’s.

The battle dummy is actually kind of cool. There’s some texture and shape to it, and it sits on a clear radar dish with a gold flower pot part. It’s a nice tie-in to the weapons, but this set is a little odd. Belle as an exclusive minifigure is good, but that’s the only real drawcard of the set.

I’m looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out in 2022, but for now, these are a good way to get ready for it.