More BrickHeadz Coming in 2019

Over the last three years we’ve seen over 70 different BrickHeadz, and there’s six more to come in 2019, as a part of the Seasonal range. So far there’s three that have nice hi-res images, and three that are shown on the back of one of the sets. There’s no prices yet.

40348 Birthday Clown

This guy looks fun! He’s got the same sign as 2016’s 40226 Birthday Buddy, and a new candle from the 2018 Wizarding World sets.

40349 Puppy

This little puppy is very cute, all ready for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure about that greenish paw grasping the rose though.

40354 Dragon Dance Guy

Further building on the Chinese New Year releases is this beautiful example. I love the lanterns, and the detail on this one is gorgeous! It looks like the gold three leaf plants may be brand new. Either way, this is a stunning BrickHeadz.

The others are all visible on the Puppy’s box:

There’s 40350 Chick for Easter, 40351 Ghost for Halloween (how does it float?), and three for Christmas: 40353 Reindeer, Elf, and Elfie. Three in one! That reindeer looks great too!

Images come from Brickset. Which ones are you thinking of picking up?