More Watch Parts!

After writing something earlier this week about how clever nobu_tary was in using a LEGO watch in a MOC, I was browsing Flickr and came across this much older post from Michael Jasper using some more LEGO watch parts – this time it was a portion of the wrist band. 

Loungers - Michael Jasper

These are so elegant, and show some excellent knowledge of parts available. The little side table and ash tray are also perfect, with the table using a half Technic pin as the central leg. Those chairs though! Below is an image of how Michael created the framework.

Loungers - Michael Jasper

Using binoculars, pistols, signs and a couple of other clips that I don’t recognise, the blue of the watch band is held on with two minifigure hook hands. It’s ingenious. I’ll be keeping an eye on Michael’s work in future!

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