Mountaintop Shrine

Check this out! Grant Davis is a very well known name in the LEGO world, and for good reason – he’s got a serious amount of talent. Just take a look at his latest build – Mountaintop Shrine.

Mountaintop Shrine - Grant Davis

There are some beautifully executed techniques here, and they’re all over the build. The tree’s foliage is great, using the new leaf elements, and looks spot on. I love the roots coming down the top of the cliff, and speaking of the cliff, the little ‘stones’ are actually the ends of light stone grey bars. It looks so detailed and intricate! I’d be very interested to see how this is done. 

As you come down via the fountain to the path, you notice it’s not flat, but all over the place at many different levels. It’s amazing. There’s minifigure hands everywhere, and other parts that are not being used in their original way! The Mountaintop Shrine is simply phenomenal. 

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