New Minecraft LEGO – it’s minifig scale!

If you are a fan of both Lego and Minecraft (and have been living in a cave for the past few months), you will be pleased to know there are new Minecraft Minifig scale sets being released in November. Hooray! I’ve taken a look at the Lego Shop, and the US site has them as released on November 15. US prices are below. There’s still no information on the Australian site about release dates or prices, but they can’t be too far off.

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There will be 6 sets, and they look great! 

  • The Cave (21113) USD$19.99
  • The Farm (21114) USD$29.99
  • The First Night (21115) USD$39.99
  • Creative Box (21116) USD$49.99
  • The Ender Dragon (21117) USD$69.99
  • The Mine (21118) USD$109.99

Prices from The Official LEGO Shop (US), 1 November, 2014

These sets have plenty of minifigs included, complete with block heads, and can apparently be combined to make one large set. The Brick Blogger has recently posted a review on The Cave and The First Night, so take a look. There will also be some new bricks available, including a brown trunk, a bright orange 6×6 plate, and a pneumatic T piece in black, and that’s just from The Cave! LegoGenre has posted an image of the new T piece. Take a look at the post for the images and a review of The Cave.

These sets look fantastic and are sure to be snapped up pretty quick! When more information is posted about Australian prices, I’ll be sure to post something.
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