New York Toy Fair 2017 Round-Up Part 2

Now that the New York Toy Fair is done for 2017, here’s the second half of the round-up that I started a couple of days ago. There’s plenty more to see! These sets are due to be released in the second half of 2017. There’s Disney Princesses, City, Technic, Minecraft, Friends, Architecture and Creator.

​Thanks again to our mates at The Brick Show for the images from the Fair.

Disney Princess

  • 41145: Ariel and the Magical Spell
  • 41146: Cinderella’s Enchanted Evening

​I’ve never bought any of these before, as they have never appealed to me, but after taking a look at the parts, I’m starting to think again. The trans blue parts in 41145 look useful, and I love Cinderella’s carriage. The gold work is beautiful.


  • 60153: People Pack – Fun at the beach
  • 60155: LEGO City Advent Calendar
  • 60156: Jungle Buggy
  • 60159: Jungle Halftrack Mission
  • 60160: Jungle Mobile Lab
  • 60163: Coast Guard Starter Set
  • 60164: Sea Rescue Plane
  • 60165: 4×4 Response Unit
  • 60166: Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter

Wow, there’s so much to see in the City theme! This year we get two more subthemes – Beach and Jungle Explorers, with some excellent looking mew parts! At the beach, I love the kayak in 60166, and the people pack looks brilliant, with a dolphin (usually seen in Friends sets, a lobster from the new LEGO Batman Movie CMFs, and an excellent little cloth hammock.

The advent calendar looks intriguing this year, with an ice-sculpture and snowblower, as well as the usual inclusions, and the jungle sees some new animals moulds in a leopard and cougar, and a man-eating plant (stunning!). I’m a bit disappointed by the waterfall attempt in 60160, but there’s another kayak and man eating plant to make up for it.


  • 21135: The Crafting Box 2.0
  • 21135: The Ocean Monument
  • 21137: The Mountain Cave (not pictured)

I’ve only got a couple of the Minecraft sets, and while a massive fan of the game, the LEGO sets just didn’t grab me as much. The new releases since the first wave have looked rather spectacular, though. I love the green colours in  21136!


  • 40269: Extreme Explorer
  • 42070: 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck

Some of the Technic sets that were displayed have already been released, or are not far away, but these two are new. I love the little teddy bear on the bullbar of 42070!


  • 41315: Heartlake Surf Shop
  • 41316: Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter
  • 41317: Sunshine Catamaran
  • 41318: Heartlake Hospital
  • 41322: Snow Resort Ice Rink
  • 41323: Snow Resort Chalet
  • 41324: Snow Resort Ski Lift
  • 41236: LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

There are some great looking Friends sets coming out this year! The only disappointing one is the Advent Calendar, but there’s a lot that isn’t visible. I love the snow theme, and there’s a purple kayak in 41315! The net at the front of the catamaran looks intriguing, and there’s a banana boat, which is very clever. Much of the snow theme has been done before in previous Advent Calendars, except now it’s on a much larger scale. The chairlift especially is fun.


  • 21035: Aolomon E. Guggenheim Museum
  • 21036: Arc de Triomphe

Architecture sets are always elegant and stunning to look at, using elements in very clever ways, and these to are at that same standard. I love the Guggenheim Museum. The curves are perfectly represented.


  • 31066: Space Shuttle Explorer
  • 31067: Modular Poolside Holiday
  • 31068: Modular Modern Home
  • 31069: Modern Family Villa
  • 31070: Turbo Track Racer

There are some interesting choices in designs here. I’m surprised that another space shuttle is being released, and I love the Modular Modern Home. LEGO has really embraced the technology in this set, with an electric car, solar panels, as well as a cute trampoline, although I’m not sure why the dog is on it!

Ok, that’s it from the New York Toy Fair! Thanks again to The Brick Show for the excellent images. Be sure to check them out (and us!) on Facebook.

What did you think? Any new favourites? Let me know below.