Official Announcement of 21319 Central Perk

LEGO Ideas has announced the next set to be released – 21319 Central Perk. Based on the original submission by Mric76, there have been some changes to the original, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

21319 Central Perk
21319 Central Perk

Available for purchase from September 1 (sorry, no VIP early access this time), with 1,070 pieces, this will cost US $59.99 / DE €69.99 / UK £64.99 / AUS $89.99.

21319 Central Perk

I’m not the biggest fan of Friends – I’ve of course seen a decent bunch of episodes, but only when there was nothing else I wanted to watch. I’ve never really gone out of my way to watch them, and certainly never a whole season. I can totally see the appeal of the set though – it’s bright and will please the Friends fans.

The graphics have come up well, especially the faces – the cast are very recognisable. Included are the main cast – Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe, as well as Central Perk’s manager Gunther. The overall set is in a similar design style to 21302 The Big Bang Theory from back in 2016.

21319 Central Perk

I like that the stage lights have been included, as well as the couch and sitting area being able to be removed for separate display.

21319 Central Perk

There looks like some nice element inclusions, including a tea cup, mic and guitar, plenty of coffee cups, umbrellas, and some recoloured light poles.

I’ll let the images speak for themselves, as well as the press release below.

21319 Central Perk
Ages 16+. 1070 pieces
US $59.99 – CA $89.99 – DE €69.99 – UK £64.99 – FR €59.99 – DK 649DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit for regional pricing.
Nostalgic, collectible LEGO® Ideas set to delight fans of the classic TV sitcom Friends!
 Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, the legendary American TV sitcom, with this highly collectible LEGO® Ideas 21319 CENTRAL PERK set! This wonderful LEGO recreation of the café TV studio set is packed with authentic details, making it a must-have Friends memorabilia item for fans. The iconic seating area with a couch, armchair and 2 chairs for the friends is removable for easy play. And check out the stage where Phoebe performed her songs on guitar (and where Ross once played his keyboard and everyone except Phoebe thought he was terrible). The 7 new-for-September-2019 LEGO toy minifigures of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and CENTRAL PERK’s long-suffering manager Gunther each come with accessories to role-play famously hilarious scenes. An ideal Friends-themed gift for your own friends and family who love the TV show, this hot toy is great for play and will grab attention when displayed in any room.
· This LEGO® Ideas set includes 7 new-for-September-2019 minifigures: Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay and Gunther.
· The CENTRAL PERK café construction toy features the iconic main seating area including a sofa, armchair, 2 chairs and a table; service area with a brick-built coffee machine, service counter, cash register, cookie jar with 2 cookie elements, menu board element and other authentic items; a stage for musical performances with a sofa; extra seats and tables; 3 pillar elements in a new-for-September-2019 green color; umbrella stand with 2 umbrella elements; window with ‘CENTRAL PERK’ logo decoration; entrance doors; and 2 brick-built TV studio light rigs with translucent light-style elements.
· The seating area for the show’s star characters is removable for easy play.
· The minifigures each have their own items inspired by the TV series, including Ross’s brick-built keyboard and the following accessory elements: Rachel’s tray and coffee cup, Monica’s muffin, Joey’s pizza box, pizza slice and ‘man bag’, Chandler’s laptop, Phoebe’s guitar and Gunther’s broom.
· Other accessory elements in this café playset include a newspaper, 15 coffee cups and a ‘Reserved’ sign, plus 3 vases and buildable flowers.
· This Friends memorabilia LEGO® building toy includes 1,070 pieces.
· This LEGO® Ideas set comes with a booklet with building instructions and information about this awesome set’s fan creator and LEGO designer.
· Build and display this Friends collectible construction toy or recreate your favorite scenes from the classic American sitcom.
· This Friends-themed gift toy measures over 4” (11cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 8” (22cm) deep and will make an eye-catching centerpiece in any room.