Official Announcement of all LEGO Super Mario Sets

Last night LEGO officially revealed the full lineup of LEGO Super Mario sets for us to check out. While I’m a big fan of the game, I’m still not sure about these. What I do like, however, is the range of collectible character packs! Aussie pricing is below, as well as an image of each of the sets. All sets will be available on August 1.

Character Packs

AU $5.99 each

Mario Character Packs

These look great – they’re all enemies of Mario and come with an ‘action brick’ – a 2×2 tile with a barcode that the Mario brick can scan to get coins. It’s clever.

With enemies like Blooper, Bob-omb, Peepa, Fuzzy, Spine and my favourite – Bullet Bill, I think these will be very popular.


71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course | AU $89.99

This is the must buy if you want any of the sets – this is the only set with the Mario brick in it.


71362 Guarded Fortress Expansion Set | AU $79.99


71363 Desert Pokey Expansion Set | AU $29.99


71364 Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set | AU $29.99


71365 Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set | AU $49.99


71366 Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set | AU $49.99

I’m guessing it’s not called Bullet Bill as bullets promote violence?


71367 Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set |AU $49.99


71368 Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set | AU $99.99


71369 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set | AU $149.99


71376 Thwomp Drop Expansion Set | AU $59.99 (only select retailers)


71377 King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion Set | AU $69.99 (only select retailers)

Power-up Packs

AU $12.99 each

These suits give Mario certain power-ups:

  • 71370 Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (fire attack)
  • 71371 Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack (‘fly’ Mario around the room and he’ll earn coins)
  • 71372 Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (Mario can scale vertical walls for more coins, as well as meow and purr)
  • 71373 Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (earn more coins by ‘stomping’ Mario hard on LEGO bricks in the course)

Let me know your thoughts! The full press release is below, as well as a video trailer.

The LEGO Group and Nintendo reveal full product range for new LEGO® Super Mario™ play experience

The wait is over… today’s full reveal shows fans how they can ‘level up’ their LEGO® Super Mario™ gameplay, creating exactly the LEGO universe they want their beloved character to come to life in!

The LEGO Group today revealed the full product portfolio for its LEGO® Super Mario™ experience. Fans can expand on the LEGO Super Mario range announced in April with a whole new range of Expansion Sets, collectible Character Packs and Power-Up Packs. The result of a unique partnership with Nintendo, LEGO Super Mario will reinvent the way people interact with Super Mario in the physical world. The products announced today give fans the chance to build Mario’s house, search for treasure hidden by Toad, and defeat a Koopa Troopa in the Guarded Fortress. And of course that’s not all!

The partnership was announced earlier this year, and in April the fun-packed Adventures with Mario Starter Course was revealed alongside two Expansion Sets. The Starter Course is key to unlocking the entire play, being the only set to feature the interactive LEGO® Mario™ figure that collects coins in game levels created with LEGO bricks. LEGO Super Mario brings new interactivity and gameplay to the traditional LEGO brick experience.

All sets come with their own series of unique challenges and characters for fans to play with, or to play against friends. In addition to the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set announced in April, the Expansion Set line-up includes: the Guarded Fortress Expansion Set, the Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set, the Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set, the Desert Pokey Expansion Set, the Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set and the Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set.

Also announced today are ten collectible enemy characters that are available in blind bag Character Packs, adding that extra level of excitement. Each pack will contain a buildable character and action tag to play with – it could be a Paragoomba, Fuzzy, Spiny, Buzzy Beetle, Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Eep Cheep, Blooper, Urchin or Peepa!

Every Expansion Set and collectible Character is made to be used with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, for an enhanced play experience. The entry point set features seven action bricks for different interactions with the LEGO Mario figure, which has LCD screens in its eyes, mouth and belly to display instant reactions to movement, color and action bricks. In May, the LEGO Group and Nintendo also announced a series of Power-Up Packs – including Cat Mario and Builder Mario – to help boost gameplay with a variety of suits for LEGO Mario that each reveal new features and powers.

“With today’s announcement, 16 LEGO Super Mario sets have been introduced and I am really looking forward to seeing how people’s play expands with these and the unique Power-Up Packs,” said Takashi Tezuka, Executive Officer and Game Producer of Nintendo Co., Ltd. “Each player’s preferences and imagination are different. By adding already owned LEGO bricks onto the Starter Course, and different LEGO Super Mario expansion sets, we hope that people can create various different Mario worlds and continue enjoying them indefinitely.”

“The reaction to LEGO Super Mario has been incredible,” said Jonathan Bennink, Digital Design Lead on LEGO Super Mario, the LEGO Group. “Super Mario is such an icon – and fans have been highly anticipating the release of the full details of the product line. Our entire range – from the Starter Course to the Power Up Packs, through to the Expansion Sets and Character Packs – have been built to bring Super Mario, his friends – and his enemies – to life. We love how creative Nintendo and LEGO fans are, and can’t wait for them to unleash their imaginations in how they interact with Super Mario in the real world.”

Fans will also love the free LEGO Super Mario app created by the LEGO Group, a supporting feature to further enhance the physical play experience. It keeps track of scores to encourage continuous rebuilding, as well as providing digital building instructions with zoom and rotate viewing tools to make building easier, suggestions of other creative ways to build and play, and a safe forum to share ideas with friends.

The full LEGO Super Mario assortment will launch August 1st 2020, but fans can pre-order the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course on and from select leading retailers around the world now (subject to availability).