Official details for 42056: Porsche 911 GT3 RS

​Here it is! After yesterday’s exciting teaser, LEGO Technic has officially announced it’s newest cream of the crop set – the magnificent 42056: Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Hold on to your butts people, this one is a monster of a set! This jaw dropping Technic replica of one arguably the slickest sports cars around was developed in tandem with Porsche AG, and has 2704 pieces, some gorgeous new exclusive RS designed rims and wheels, a unique fancy black box, and an instruction booklet that could easily function as a slab for a house – it’s crazy thick! It’s got exclusive background info on how the set was put together, and some something for you history buffs too.

The build experience of the set has been enhanced with separate packaging of each stage, mimicking that of the way the real life vehicle is constructed.

There’s no VIP early access for this one, but will be released exclusively on the LEGO Shop Online and 13 LEGO stores through Germany and Austria from June 1 this year, and then around the globe from August 1.

Aussies, prepare to pay AUD$500 for this one, with a release date of September 2016. It should be available at your favourite toy store too. 

Amazingly, this model has a fully functioning double clutch Porsche gearbox with 4 gears and steering wheel paddles, and a six cylinder engine with moving pistons – something Technic fans are very used to. There’s also going to be a unique laser printed serial number on a plate in the glove box, giving the owners of the sets exclusive content online at the Technic website.

On top of that, there’s a fully detailed dashboard, racing seats, an adjustable rear spoiler, red suspension springs, yellow brake calipers, working steering, opening doors throughout, including a travel case in the hood compartment.

This set has raised the incredibly high standard of that in all LEGO sets, and is one that I will definitely be getting as soon as I can. My mind = blown.

Check out the designer video to blow your own mind too. For now though, I’m off to calm down. Woo!