Official First Look at Collectible Minifigures Series 21

In an official tweet from The LEGO Group, the images for CMFs Series 21 have been revealed, and there’s 12 of them instead of the usual 16. According to Brickset they’ll be available in boxes of 36 or 72, with 3 and 6 complete sets in each – no chase figures!

These look great – let’s check them out one by one.

  • First up – the Dolphin Trainer – she looks good! The printing on the cap is particularly nice, as well as the surfboard and the torso print.
  • The Singer is just a huge hit of colour and sparkles! What an amazing hat element!
  • The Pilot Kid looks fantastic – this one is very cute, and I’m really glad there’s a new waist costume element.
  • Castaway has some excellent torso and leg printing, but hermit crab is just brilliant. Is this the new rubber ducky piece that people will want to get loads of? It also appears to have a stud point on the back, as the shell is separate, and made of 1×1 round white studs and a white swirly piece.
  • The Centauress looks really interesting, but it’s not a very good view at the back end. I’d love to see more of this element.
  • The Beekeeper is going to be a popular one – the beekeeper’s hat is great!
  • Ladybug Suit Girl is so vibrant! I love the 1×1 printed ladybug tile.
  • Pug Suit Kid is also very cute – there’s plenty of pug fans out there!
  • Of all the inclusions this round, the Aztec Warrior is my favourite. The detailing in this is brilliant, and that notched sword is incredible!
  • The Space Police is interesting, but slightly less exciting. Great to see the Classic Space logo getting a showing.
  • Violin Kid is exciting, with more wands coming, a new violin piece, and a Blacktron fan torso!
  • Lastly, there’s the Space Alien. He looks interesting – that chromed wrench looks nice too.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!