Official Images of 2020 City Sets

City’s turn! Thanks to and The Brick Fan for the images. Some are more exciting than others.

60241 Police Dog Unit

60242 Highway Arrest

60243 Police Helicopter Chase

The return of the mighty magnet! This is a good sign.

60244 Police Helicopter Transport

This uses the ripcord system from the Ninjago fliers. I wonder if it will fly straight?

60245 Monster Truck Robbery

60246 Police Station

60247 Forest Fire

Is that a new owl print?

60248 Fire Rescue Helicopter

Another welding mask, this time with a flip top mask – I like it.

60249 Street Sweeper

60250 Mail Plane

To me, this seems to fit better with Creator – it’s not got that polished City look.

60251 Monster Truck

I’m sensing a theme across themes here.

60253 Ice Cream Truck

This one I like! Food trucks are always a winner in my book.

60254 Racing Boat Transporter

60267 Safari Off-Roader

This is another sure fire pick up for me. There are some excellent parts in here – the parrot, big cat and the tree minifigure.

Thoughts? Any you’re hanging out for? Let me know!

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